Bharatiya Tribal Party
LeaderChhotubhai Vasava
FounderMaheshbhai Vasava
IdeologyTribal interest
Bhilistan statehood[1][2]
AllianceUnited Progressive Alliance (2018-2020)
AAP+ (April 2022-September 2022)
Seats in Gujarat Legislative Assembly
2 / 182
Seats in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly
2 / 200

Bharatiya Tribal Party (abbr. BTP) is a political party based in Gujarat, India. The party was formed in 2017 by Jhagadiya MLA Chhotubhai Vasava and Maheshbhai Vasava who was previously a member of the Janata Dal (United).[3] The Election Commission of India allotted the Auto rickshaw symbol to BTP under paragraph 10B (2017).[4] [5] [6]




BTP contested the 2017 Gujarat Legislative Assembly election won 2 seats from Jhagadiya Assembly constituency and Dediapada Assembly constituency.


The BTP formed a pre-poll alliance with the AIMIM for the 2022 Gujarat Legislative Assembly election.[7] But later in April 2022, BTP allied with Aam Aadmi Party.[8] but after few months BTP End it's alliance with Aam Aadmi party in September 2022. [9] [10]


The BTP fought on only two seats and won those two seats in the 2018 Rajasthan Legislative Assembly election.[11] It joined the Indian National Congress government, but withdrew its support in 2020.[12]

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