This list of literary awards from around the world is an index to articles about notable literary awards.

International awards

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All nationalities & multiple languages eligible (in chronological order)

Awards by language

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See also: Category:Arabic literary awards


See also: Category:Bengali literary awards


See also: Category:Chinese-language literary awards


See also: Category:English-language literary awards


See also: Category:German-language literary awards


See also: Category:Gujarati literary awards


See also: Category:Hebrew literary awards




See also: List of Malayalam literary awards and Category:Malayalam literary awards


Meitei (Manipuri)

See also: Category:Meitei-language literary awards



See also: Category:Portuguese-language literary awards


See also: Category:Spanish-language literary awards


Awards by region

See also: Category:Literary awards by region


See also: Category:African literary awards


See also: Category:Asian literary awards

Caribbean literature


See also: Category:Commonwealth literary awards

European Union


See also: Category:Nordic literary awards

Awards by country

See also: Category:Literary awards by country

American literature

See also: Category:American literary awards

Australian literature

See also: List of Australian literary awards and Category:Australian literary awards

Austrian literature

See also: Category:Austrian literary awards

Bangladesh literature

See also: Category:Bengali literary awards

Botswana literature

See also: Category:Botswana literary awards

Brazilian literature

See also: Category:Brazilian literary awards

British literature

See also: List of British literary awards and Category:British literary awards

Bulgarian literature

See also: Category:Bulgarian literary awards

Canadian literature

See also: Category:Canadian literary awards

Chilean literature

See also: Category:Chilean literary awards

Chinese literature

See also: Category:Chinese literary awards

Costa Rican literature

Croatian language

See also: Category:Croatian literary awards

Czech literature

See also: List of Czech literary awards and Category:Czech literary awards

Dutch literature

Ecuadorian literature

See also: Category:Ecuadorian literary awards

Estonian literature

See also: Category:Estonian literary awards

Finnish literature

See also: Category:Finnish literary awards

French literature

See also: Category:French literary awards

Georgian literature

See also: Category:Literary awards of Georgia (country)

German literature

Main article: List of German literary awards

See also: Category:German literary awards

Hungarian literature

See also: Category:Hungarian literary awards

Icelandic literature

See also: Category:Icelandic literary awards

Indian literature

See also: Category:Indian literary awards

Indonesian literature

See also: Category:Indonesian literary awards

Iranian literature

See also: Category:Iranian literary awards

Irish literature

See also: Category:Irish literary awards

Israeli literature

See also: Category:Israeli literary awards

Italian literature

See also: Category:Italian literary awards

Japanese literature

See also: Category:Japanese literary awards

Luxembourgian literature

See also: Category:Luxembourgian literary awards

Malaysian literature

See also: Category:Malaysian literary awards

Mexican literature

See also: Category:Mexican literary awards

Nepalese Literature

New Zealand literature

See also: List of New Zealand literary awards and Category:New Zealand literary awards

Nigerian literature

See also: Category:Nigerian literary awards

Norwegian literature

See also: Category:Norwegian literary awards

Philippine literature

See also: Category:Philippine literary awards

Polish literature

See also: Category:Polish literary awards

Portuguese literature

See also: Category:Portuguese literary awards

Russian literature

See also: Category:Russian literary awards

Serbian literature

See also: Category:Serbian literary awards

Singaporean literature

See also: Category:Singaporean literary awards

Slovene literature

See also: Category:Slovenian literary awards

South African literature

Main article: List of South African literary awards

See also: Category:South African literary awards

South Korean literature

See also: Category:South Korean literary awards

Spanish literature

See also: Category:Spanish literary awards

Sri Lanka

See also: Category:Sri Lankan literary awards

Swedish literature

See also: Category:Swedish literary awards

Swiss literature

See also: Category:Swiss literary awards

Thai literature

See also: Category:Thai literary awards

Turkish literature

See also: Category:Turkish literary awards

Ukrainian literature

See also: Category:Ukrainian literary awards

Venezuelan literature

See also: Category:Venezuelan literary awards

Zimbabwean literature

Awards by genres

See also: Category:Literary awards by genre and type

Children's literature

See also: Category:Children's literary awards, Category:Picture book awards, Category:Illustrated book awards, and Category:Young adult literature awards

Food and drink

See also: Category:Food and drink literary awards


See also: Category:History awards

Horror fiction

See also: Category:Horror fiction awards

Military fiction and Military history

See also: Category:Military literary awards

Mystery: crime fiction and detective fiction

See also: Category:Mystery and detective fiction awards

Romance Fiction

Speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy)

See also: List of science fiction awards, Category:Science fiction awards, and Category:Fantasy awards


See also: Category:Sports writing awards




See also: Category:Biography awards


Awards for literary translation

See also: Category:Translation awards

Awards for literary criticism

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