Post Proper Southside
Barangay 31
McKinley Hill and Manila American Cemetery
Map of Makati with Post Proper Southside highlighted. Areas in light red indicate overlap with Taguig before the 2023 transfer.
Map of Makati with Post Proper Southside highlighted. Areas in light red indicate overlap with Taguig before the 2023 transfer.
RegionNational Capital Region
District2nd district of Makati
EstablishedDecember 31, 1972[a]
Transfer of control to Taguig2023
 • TypeBarangay
 • Barangay CaptainQuirino Sarono
 • SK ChairpersonFrancis John San Vicente
 • Total3.412 km2 (1.317 sq mi)
 • Total63,308
 • Density19,000/km2 (48,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
Postal Code
Area Code02

Post Proper Southside, also known as Post Proper South, Barangay 31, or simply Southside, is one of the barangays of Taguig, a city in Metro Manila, Philippines. It is also widely considered as one of the ten Embo barangays. It was established in 1972 as a barangay under Makati, and its de facto territory consists of multiple exclaves mostly within Palar Village of Barangay Pinagsama and settlements along the Consular Road area between McKinley West of the Bonifacio Capital District and Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Barangay Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

As per Makati, its claimed territory consists of the southern tip of Bonifacio Global City and the Manila American Cemetery.[1] Even before its jurisdiction was officially transferred to the City of Taguig, the area is largely under the city's de facto administration instead of Makati.

In April 2023, the disputed barangays outside the BGC were placed under the de jure jurisdiction of Taguig.[2][3] In October 2023, the Department of the Interior and Local Government issued a memorandum to order the transfer of the Embo barangays to Taguig.[4]


See also: Makati–Taguig boundary dispute

The barangay claims an area of 3.412 square kilometers (1.317 sq mi), once the largest barangay of Makati in terms of land area.[1] Now under the jurisdiction of Taguig, it overlaps territories already under the jurisdiction of barangays Fort Bonifacio, Pinagsama, Western Bicutan, and Ususan. Additionaly, it shares claims with Pembo, Rizal, and Ususan for the small portions east of Carlos P. Garcia Avenue (C-5 Road) and north of Pedro Cayetano Boulevard. It encompasses the Manila American Cemetery, Bonifacio Capital District, portion of Fort Andres Bonifacio, the southern portion of Bonifacio Global City, Palar Village, Logcom Village, Aranai Village, and Bonifacio Heights. The exact boundary is unclear due to the territorial dispute between Makati and Taguig.[5]

On January 11, 2024, the barangay government announced through its official Facebook page that its barangay captain, Quirino Sarono, had met with his counterparts from Barangays Pinagsama and Ususan, as well as the director of Department of the Interior and Local Government Taguig office, to discuss the solution for the territorial dispute of the three barangays.[6]


Like all other barangays of the Philippines, the barangay government of Post Proper Southside consists of the barangay captain, its chief executive and presiding officer of the seven-member Sangguniang Barangay. It also has a Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) chairman and a seven-member SK council. The aforementioned officials are all elected. Its seat of government, the barangay hall, is located along Lawton Avenue in the area under the jurisdiction of barangay Fort Bonifacio.[1]

Its incumbent barangay captain is Quirino Sarono, while its incumbent SK Chairman is Francis John San Vicente.


As per the 2020 census by the Philippine Statistics Authority, the barangay has a population of 63,308 which rendered Southside as the largest barangay in Makati in terms of population. After its transfer to Taguig, it becomes the second most populous barangay in the city, after Western Bicutan.[7]


  1. ^ Established as a barangay of Makati, completely ceded to Taguig in October 2023


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