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Boni Avenue in Barangay Plainview
Boni Avenue in Barangay Plainview
Plainview is located in Metro Manila
Coordinates: 14°34′39.57″N 121°2′1.25″E / 14.5776583°N 121.0336806°E / 14.5776583; 121.0336806
RegionMetro Manila
 • TypeBarangay
 • Barangay captainMichael C. Garcia[1]
 • Total1.088 km2 (0.420 sq mi)
 • Total26,557
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
Postal Code

Plainview is an administrative division in eastern Metro Manila, the Philippines. It is an urban barangay in Mandaluyong and is home to the city's seat of government and government center. It is the fourth largest barangay in the city.[2]

The area is named after the area's history as a plain where rice and corn were cultivated. It was originally developed as a private residential subdivision by real estate developer Ortigas, Madrigal and Company (now Ortigas and Company). The residential development was converted into a barangay, retaining its name.[3]

Maysilo Circle

The roundabout Maysilo Circle is the government center of the city of Mandaluyong. a roundabout in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila. It is located a few kilometers from Mandaluyong's border with Makati, just across the Pasig River through San Francisco Street. The roundabout serves as a junction point between the northern and southern sections of Boni Avenue, F. Martinez Avenue, San Francisco Street, and Sgt. Bumatay Street in the southern part of the city.

Inside the circle are important government buildings, such as the old and new buildings of the Mandaluyong city hall complex, the main office of the Mandaluyong City Fire Department, the Mandaluyong Postal Office, the Mandaluyong Hall of Justice, the Barangay Plainview Operations Center, as well as recreational and religious places such as the Amado T. Reyes Park and the Archdiocesan Shrine of Divine Mercy.


The area that would become known as Plainview was part of the original barrio of Hulo in the 1900s that also comprised the present-day barangays of Mauway and Malamig.[2] Plainview was a private residential subdivision of Ortigas, Madrigal and Company (now Ortigas and Company), being named after the area's vast plains where rice and corn were cultivated. The area was also abundant in trees and was a popular spot for bird-hunting.

Maysilo circle was first envisioned as part of a municipal center for the Plainview residential development of Ortigas, Madrigal and Company (now Ortigas and Company). After the development and the circle was transferred to the government, the area became known as the Barangay Plainview.[4] Its central junction, Maysilo Circle, developed as the Mandaluyong City Government Complex,[3] moving from the original Mandaluyong municipal hall constructed in 1962 along Boni Avenue in present-day Barangay Poblacion.[citation needed]

Flooding issues

Plainview's central area at the Maysilo Circle roundabout[2] is often plagued with flooding problems during the rainy season due to its location as a catch-basin for the surrounding areas, as well as the exceeded capacity of the original 1980s flood control system underneath, which was only rated at 6 cubic meters (6,000 L) per second.[5]

In January 2015, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) initiated the ₱400 million (US$7.6 million) Maysilo Circle Flood Control Project to upgrade the flood control system's capacity to 36 cubic meters (36,000 L) per second. The project became infamous for closing off San Francisco Street to traffic and for causing severe flooding even without the rains. Allegations of corruption were also raised due to the slow progress of the project, which was still not yet finished after two years of construction. The DPWH in February 2016 stated that the project was on schedule to be finished by May 2016.[5] The street was reopened to the public on October 25, 2016, after the completion of the project.[6]




The seat of government of Plainview is located at 40 Malaya Street, near the Mandaluyong City Medical Center.[1] The Mandaluyong City Government Complex is also within Plainview, housing the city's departments, the local office of the Commission on Elections, and the main offices of the Mandaluyong City Fire Department, Mandaluyong Postal Office, and the Mandaluyong Hall of Justice.

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