Vermont House of Representatives
Vermont General Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
New session started
January 4, 2023
Jill Krowinski (D)
since January 6, 2021
Majority Leader
Emily Long (D)
since January 6, 2021
Minority Leader
Patricia McCoy (R)
since January 8, 2019
Political groups
Majority (112)
  •   Democratic (104)
  •   Progressive (5)
  •   Independent (3)

Minority (38)

Length of term
2 years
AuthoritySection 7, Legislative Department, Constitution of Vermont
Salary$636/week + per diem
Last election
November 8, 2022
Next election
November 5, 2024
RedistrictingLegislative control
Meeting place
State House Chamber,
Vermont State House
Montpelier, Vermont, U.S.

The Vermont House of Representatives is the lower house of the Vermont General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Vermont. The House comprises 150 members, with each member representing around 4,100 citizens. Representatives are elected to a two-year term without term limits.

Vermont had a unicameral legislature until 1836. It added a senate by constitutional amendment.[2] The House meets in Representatives Hall at the Vermont State House in Montpelier. It is the only U.S. state legislature whose debating chamber seating layout comes closer to that of the Westminster-style parliament found elsewhere, being similar to debating chambers in Australian state parliaments.[3]


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The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. The Speaker is elected by the full House by Australian Ballot. If there is only one candidate, the election is usually held by voice vote. In addition to presiding over the body, the Speaker controls committee assignments and the flow of legislation. Other House leaders, such as the majority and minority leaders and whips, are elected by their respective party caucuses relative to their party's strength in the chamber. There are three party caucuses in the Vermont House; the Democratic Caucus which is currently in the majority, and the Republican and Progressive Caucuses, each currently being in the minority. Independent members of the House may choose to caucus with a party or none at all.

Jill Krowinski (D-Burlington) is serving her second term as House Speaker.[4]

Current leadership

Position Name Party Residence District
Speaker of the House Jill Krowinski Democratic Burlington Chittenden-16
Majority Leader Emily Long Democratic Newfane Windham-5
Minority Leader Patricia McCoy Republican Poultney Rutland-1


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Affiliation Party
(shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Progressive Independent Republican Libertarian Vacant
End 2012 94 5 3 47 0 150 0
Begin 2013 96 5 4 44 0 149 1
End 2014 45 0 150 0
2015–2016 85 6 6 53 0 150 0
2017-2018 83 7 7 53 0 150 0
2019-2020 95 7 5 43 0 150 0
Begin 2021 92 7 5 46 0 150 0
Begin 2023 104 5 3 38 0 150 0
May 3, 2023[5] 37 1
Latest voting share 74.7% 24.7% 0.7%


District Representative Party Residence First elected
Addison-1 Amy Sheldon Dem Middlebury 2014
Robin Scheu Dem Middlebury 2016
Addison-2 Peter Conlon Dem Cornwall 2016
Addison-3 Matt Birong Dem Vergennes 2018
Diane Lanpher Dem Vergennes 2008
Addison-4 Mari Cordes Dem Lincoln 2018
Caleb Elder Dem Starksboro 2018
Addison-5 Jubilee McGill Dem Bridport 2022
Addison-Rutland Joseph Andriano Dem Orwell 2022
Bennington-1 Nelson Brownell Dem Pownal 2002
Bennington-2 Timothy Corcoran II Dem Bennington 2002
Dane Whitman Dem Bennington 2020
Bennington-3 David Durfee Dem Shaftsbury 2018
Bennington-4 Seth Bongartz Dem Manchester 2020
Kathleen James Dem Manchester 2018
Bennington-5 Mary A. Morrissey Rep Bennington 1996
Jim Carroll Dem Bennington 2022 (2019–2021)
Bennington-Rutland Mike Rice Dem Dorset 2022
Caledonia-1 Bobby Farlice-Rubio Dem McIndoe Falls 2022
Caledonia-2 Chip Troiano Dem East Hardwick 2014
Caledonia-3 Dennis LaBounty Dem 2022
Beth Quimby Rep Lyndon 2024↑
Caledonia-Essex Scott Beck Rep St. Johnsbury 2014
Scott Campbell Dem St. Johnsbury 2018
Caledonia-Washington Henry Pearl Dem Danville 2020
Chittenden-1 Jana Brown Dem Richmond 2020
Chittenden-2 Angela Arsenault Dem Williston 2022
Erin Brady Dem Williston 2022
Chittenden-3 Trevor Squirrell Dem Underhill 2016
Edye Graning Dem Jericho 2022
Chittenden-4 Phil Pouech Dem Hinesburg 2022
Chittenden-5 Chea Waters Evans Dem Charlotte 2022
Chittenden-6 Kate Lalley Dem Shelburne 2022
Chittenden-7 Jessica Brumsted Dem Shelburne 2016
Chittenden-8 Noah Hyman Dem South Burlington 2022
Chittenden-9 Emilie Krasnow Dem South Burlington 2022
Chittenden-10 Kate Nugent Dem South Burlington 2022
Chittenden-11 Brian Minier Dem South Burlington 2022
Chittenden-12 Martin LaLonde Dem South Burlington 2014
Chittenden-13 Tiff Bluemle Dem Burlington 2020
Gabrielle Stebbins Dem Burlington 2020
Chittenden-14 Barbara Rachelson Dem Burlington 2012
Mary-Katherine Stone Dem/Prog[a] Burlington 2022
Chittenden-15 Brian Cina Prog/Dem[a] Burlington 2016
Troy Headrick Prog/Dem[a] Burlington 2022
Chittenden-16 Jill Krowinski Dem Burlington 2012↑
Kate Logan Prog/Dem[a] Burlington 2012
Chittenden-17 Vacant[6]
Chittenden-18 Carol Ode Dem Burlington 2016
Robert Hooper Dem Burlington 2018
Chittenden-19 Sarita Austin Dem Colchester 2018
Patrick Brennan Rep Colchester 2002
Chittenden-20 Seth Chase Dem Colchester 2018
Curt Taylor Dem Colchester 2016
Chittenden-21 Daisy Berbeco Dem Winooski 2022
Taylor Small Prog/Dem[a] Winooski 2020
Chittenden-22 Karen Dolan Dem Essex Junction 2020
Lori Houghton Dem Essex Junction 2016
Chittenden-23 Leonora Dodge Dem Essex Town 2022
Rey Garofano Dem Essex Town 2021
Chittenden-24 Alyssa Black Dem Essex Town 2020
Chittenden-25 Julia Andrews Dem Westford 2022
Chittenden-Franklin Chris Taylor Rep Milton 2022
Chris Mattos Rep Milton 2017↑
Essex-Caledonia Terri Lynn Williams Rep Concord 2020
Essex-Orleans Larry Labor Rep Morgan 2022
Franklin-1 Ashley Bartley Rep Fairfax 2022
Carolyn Branagan Rep Georgia 2022 (2003–2017)
Franklin-2 Eileen Dickinson Rep St. Albans Town 2008
Franklin-3 Mike McCarthy Dem St. Albans City 2018
Franklin-4 Matt Walker Rep Swanton 2022↑
Thomas Oliver Rep/Dem[a] Sheldon 2022
Franklin-5 Wayne Laroche Rep Franklin 2022↑
Lisa Hango Rep Berkshire 2019↑
Franklin-6 James Gregoire Rep Fairfield 2018
Franklin-7 Penny Demar Rep Enosburg 2022
Franklin-8 Casey Toof Rep St. Albans City 2018
Grand Isle-Chittenden Josie Leavitt Dem Grand Isle 2022
Michael Morgan Rep West Milton 2020
Lamoille-1 Jed Lipsky Ind Stowe 2022
Lamoille-2 Melanie Carpenter Dem Hyde Park 2023↑
Daniel Noyes Dem Wolcott 2016
Lamoille-3 Lucy Boyden Dem Cambridge 2022
Lamoille-Washington Avram Patt Dem Worcester 2018
Saudia LaMont Dem Morrisville 2022
Orange-1 Carl Demrow Dem Corinth 2022 (2019–2021)
Orange-2 Monique Priestley Dem Bradford 2022
Orange-3 Rodney Graham Rep Williamstown 2014
Orange-Caledonia Joseph Parsons Rep Newbury 2020
Orange-Washington-Addison Jay Hooper Dem Randolph 2016
Larry Satcowitz Dem Brookfield 2020
Orleans-1 Brian Smith Rep Derby 2016
Orleans-2 Woodman Page Rep Newport City 2018
Orleans-3 Dave Templeman Dem Brownington 2018
Orleans-4 Katherine Sims Dem West Glover 2020
Orleans-Lamoille Mark Higley Rep Lowell 2008
Michael Marcotte Rep Newport Town 2004
Rutland-1 Patricia McCoy Rep Poultney 2014
Rutland-2 Tom Burditt Rep West Rutland 2010
Arthur Peterson Rep Clarendon 2020
Rutland-3 Jarrod Sammis Lib Castleton 2022
Rutland-4 Paul Clifford Rep Rutland City 2022
Rutland-5 Eric Maguire Rep Rutland City 2022
Rutland-6 Mary Howard Dem Rutland City 2016
Rutland-7 William Notte Dem Rutland City 2018
Rutland-8 Butch Shaw Rep Pittsford 2010
Rutland-9 Stephanie Jerome Dem Brandon 2018
Rutland-10 Bill Canfield Rep Fair Haven 2004
Rutland-11 Jim Harrison Rep Chittenden 2017↑
Rutland-Bennington Robin Chesnut-Tangerman Dem Middletown Springs 2022 (2015–2021)
Rutland-Windsor Logan Nicoll Dem Ludlow 2006
Washington-1 Anne Donahue Rep Northfield 2002
Kenneth Goslant Rep Berlin 2020
Washington-2 Dara Torre Dem Moretown 2022
Kari Dolan Dem Waitsfield 2018
Washington-3 Peter Anthony Dem Barre City 2018
Jonathan Williams Dem Barre City 2022
Washington-4 Conor Casey Dem Montpelier 2022
Kate McCann Dem Montpelier 2022
Washington-5 Ela Chapin Dem East Montpelier 2022
Washington-6 Marc Mihaly Dem East Calais 2022
Washington-Chittenden Tom Stevens Dem Waterbury 2008
Theresa Wood Dem Waterbury 2015↑
Washington-Orange Gina Galfetti Rep Barre Town 2022
Francis McFaun Rep Barre Town 2004
Windham-1 Sara Coffey Dem Guilford 2018
Windham-2 Laura Sibilia Ind Dover 2014
Windham-3 Michelle Bos-Lun Dem Dummerston 2020
Leslie Goldman Dem Bellows Falls 2020
Windham-4 Mike Mrowicki Dem Putney 2008
Windham-5 Emily Long Dem Newfane 2014
Windham-6 Tristan Roberts Dem Halifax 2022
Windham-7 Emilie Kornheiser Dem Brattleboro 2018
Windham-8 Mollie Burke Dem Brattleboro 2008
Windham-9 Tristan Toleno Dem Brattleboro 2012
Windham-Windsor-Bennington Kelly Pajala Ind South Londonderry 2017↑
Windsor-1 John Bartholomew Dem Hartland 2010
Elizabeth Burrows Dem/Prog[a] West Windsor 2020
Windsor-2 John Arrison Dem Perkinsville 2020
Windsor-3 Alice Emmons Dem Springfield 1982
Kristi Morris Dem Springfield 2019↑
Windsor-4 Heather Surprenant Dem Barnard 2020
Windsor-5 Tesha Buss Dem Woodstock 2022
Windsor-6 Kevin "Coach" Christie Dem Hartford 2010
Esme Cole Dem Hartford 2022
Windsor-Addison Kirk White Dem Rochester 2020
Windsor-Orange-1 John O'Brien Dem Tunbridge 2018
Windsor-Orange-2 Rebecca Holcombe Dem Norwich 2022
Jim Masland Dem Thetford Center 1998
Windsor-Windham Heather Chase Dem Chester 2022
  1. ^ a b c d e f g When two parties are listed, it means in the last election the representative received enough votes in two parties' primaries to be listed on the general election ballot as the nominee of both. The representative's primary party is listed first.

Past notable members

Nearly all of the Governors of the state and most of its U.S. representatives and U.S. senators were first members of this house. Other prominent members include:


The house typically meets Tuesday through Friday during the session.[8]

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