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1995 Scottish local elections

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1,155 seats to 29 mainland Scottish councils
  First party Second party
Tony Blair in 2002.jpg
Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland (cropped).jpg
Leader Tony Blair Alex Salmond
Party Labour SNP
Leader since 21 July 1994 22 September 1990
Seats won 613 181
Popular vote 742,557 444,918
Percentage 43.57% 26.11%

  Third party Fourth party
Prime Minister John Major (cropped).jpg
Jim Wallace.jpg
Leader John Major Jim Wallace
Party Conservative Liberal Democrats
Leader since 28 November 1990 18 April 1992
Seats won 82 60
Popular vote 196,109 166,141
Percentage 11.51% 9.79%

Scottish local elections, 1995.svg
Colours denote the winning party with outright control

Scottish election 1995 largest party on council.svg
Colours denote the largest party in council

Scottish local elections, 1995 (Ward results).svg
Colours denote the winning party in each ward

Local elections were held in Scotland on 6 April 1995, as part of the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act 1994. The elections were held for the 29 new mainland unitary authorities created under the act, which replaced the nine former regions established in 1975. The three island areas (Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles) were retained from the previous system. These areas did not take part in the 1995 election, having held local elections on 5 May 1994.

National results

Summary of the 5 April 1995 Scottish council election results
Parties Votes Votes % Councillors
Labour 742,557 43.57 613
SNP 444,918 26.11 181
Conservative 196,109 11.51 82
Liberal Democrats 166,141 9.79 121
Independent 130,642 7.67 151
Other 23,781 1.36 7
Total 1,702,148 1,155

Results by council area

Council 1995 result Details
Aberdeen City Labour
Aberdeenshire No overall control
Angus SNP
Argyll and Bute Independent Details
Clackmannanshire Labour
Dumfries and Galloway Labour
Dundee City Labour Details
East Ayrshire Labour
East Dunbartonshire Labour
East Lothian Labour
East Renfrewshire No overall control
City of Edinburgh Labour Details
Falkirk Labour
Fife Labour Details
Glasgow City Labour Details
Highland Independent Details
Inverclyde Labour Details
Midlothian Labour
Moray SNP
North Ayrshire Labour Details
North Lanarkshire Labour
Perth and Kinross SNP
Renfrewshire Labour
Scottish Borders No overall control
South Ayrshire Labour
South Lanarkshire Labour Details
Stirling Labour
West Dunbartonshire Labour Details
West Lothian Labour

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