Allah Selamatkan Sultan Kami
الله سلامتکن سلطان کامي
English: God Save Our Sultan

State anthem of Pahang
MusicDorothy Lilian Sworder[1], 1924
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Allah Selamatkan Sultan Kami (instrumental)

Allah Selamatkan Sultan Kami (Jawi: الله سلامتکن سلطان کامي, pronounced [allah səlamatkan sultan kami]; God, Save Our Sultan) is the state anthem of Pahang officially adopted in 1925. The anthem was based on the song Perang Pahang ('Pahang War'), re-arranged by Miss Dorothy Lilian Sworder in December 1924.[2][3][1]


In 1924, during the reign of Sultan Abdullah al-Mu'tassim Billah, a competition was arranged in Pahang to select a tune for the state anthem. One of the entries was submitted by Miss Dorothy Lilian Sworder (1892–1982), daughter of the Agricultural Officer at Pekan, who was paying he father a visit. Miss Sworder was a talented musician and an LRAM.[1] Her composition, which was the re-arranged version of the song Perang Pahang, was selected and presented by the British Resident of Pahang, H.W Thompson to the Sultan on 1 May 1925.[2][3] The music score of the anthem was sent to Kuala Lumpur and performed for the first time by the State Band during the meeting of the Federal council during the same year.[2][3]


The current official anthem is a modified version of the original lyrics. At the third line, the original term Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia was revised to Duli Yang Maha Mulia. Similarly, at the seventh line, the Ke Bawah Duli Raja Kami was revised to Duli Tuanku Raja Kami.

Malay in Rumi[4] Malay in Jawi IPA transcription[a] Translation
Allah Selamatkan Sultan Kami

Ya Allah yang maha kuasa
Lanjutkan usia
Duli yang maha mulia
Dirgahayu, darul makmur
Aman dan bahagia sentiasa
Ya Allah selamatkan
Duli tuanku raja kami.

يا الله يڠ مها كواس
لنجوتكن أوسيا
دولي يڠ مها موليا
ديرݢاهايو دار المعمور
أمان دان بهاݢيا سنتياس
يا ألله سلامتكن
دولي توانكو راج كامي

[ja allah jaŋ maha kuasa]
[landʒutkan usia]
[duli jaŋ maha mulia]
[dirgahaju darul maʔmur]
[aman dan bahagia səntiasa]
[ja allah səlamatkan]
[duli tuanku radʒa kami]

O God the Almighty
Grant a long life
To His Royal Highness
Long live to you, our Land of Tranquility
Grant us peace and happiness
O Almighty Lord, bless
His Royal Highness, our King.