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Karbi Anglong Plateau
Area7,000 km2 (2,700 sq mi)[1]
EtymologyKarbi Anglong district
Language of nameKarbi
DistrictKarbi Anglong district

Karbi Anglong plateau is an extension of the Indian peninsular plateau(Deccan platue)in the Assam, North Eastern state of India. This area receives maximum rainfall from the Southwest summer Monsoon from June through September.


Average height of the plateau varies from 300 metres (984 ft) to 400 metres (1,312 ft).[2] Karbi Anglong Plateau is pear-shaped. It has an area of about 7000 km2. [1] It link with Meghalaya Plateau towards the south through a patch of low uneven terrain. [3]

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26°11′10″N 93°34′53″E / 26.1861°N 93.581269°E / 26.1861; 93.581269