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The island of Corregidor at the entrance to Manila Bay

This is a list of islands in the Greater Manila Area in the Philippines.

There are several small islands located within the Greater Manila Area, particularly along the coast of Manila Bay, both natural and artificial. Many of these islands were formed by the Pasig River delta and consist of sand and mudflats. Artificial islands have been built particularly in Tondo's North Port area, the Navotas fish port area, and the Las PiñasParañaque reclamation area.

Historically, the City of Manila consisted of small islands formed by rivulets called esteros.[1] They include Binondo, formed by the Estero de Binondo and Estero de la Reina, and San Miguel, formed by the Estero de San Miguel and Estero de Sampaloc. The walled district of Intramuros was itself an island surrounded by moats during the Spanish colonial period. Many of these waterways have been filled i over the years due to urbanization.

Near the entrance to Manila Bay is a group of islands, the largest of which is Corregidor. Although administered as part of the province of Cavite, these islands are linked historically to Manila, serving as part of the city's defense system through much of the Spanish and American colonial eras.

List of islands

Metro Manila

Isla de Convalecencia, an ait on the Pasig River
Dampalit, an island barangay in Malabon
The Navotas Fish Port Complex, an artificial island north of Manila North Harbor

City of Manila

Malabon - Navotas

Las Piñas - Parañaque

Manila Bay Islands

Carabao Island

Central Luzon

The island barangay of Salambao in Obando, Bulacan just north of Isla Pulo, Navotas
The island barangay of San Esteban in Manila Bay off the coast of Macabebe, Pampanga


Fortune Island as seen from Nasugbu

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