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About About the Beverages Taskforce[edit]


Over the course of time, various Wikipedians established multiple WikiProjects and taskforces to cover the various fields of beverages here on Wikipedia. Unfortunately, the interest in these individual Projects has waxed and waned since their inception, and as a result these individual projects have been merged into the Beverages Task Force to better organize information in articles related to beverages. This page and its sub-pages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. This project is dedicated to creating, improving, and maintaining articles related to beverages around the world, their history, and their cultural impact.

If you would like to help, please inquire on the discussion page, see the Task list below or just start editing articles and link them to the project using the ((WikiProject Food and drink|drink=yes)) banner.


This taskforce aims to provide a centralized location for the discussion of standards for work on beverage articles in Wikipedia. This should be categorized there but are not yet.

Major classes[edit]

Soft drinks[edit]

Soft drinks is the largest class of beverages today, encompassing sodas, juices, sports & energy drinks, and Non-alcoholic mixed drinks.

Mixed drinks[edit]

One of the major areas of focus in the task force is the listing and categorization of notable alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixed drinks (most notably "cocktails") and related drinkware). It is neither an attempt to create a bar manual (Wikibooks already has a nice bartending manual under development) nor a list of every known mixed drink on the planet. Instead, it is an attempt to create a useful, in-depth topical reference on currently and historically popular mixed drinks.

Coffee and tea[edit]

Coffee and tea are not just simple hot beverages, they are the basis for multiple aspects of global culture. Through the ancient tea cultures of Asia, to the Turkish coffee bars with their roots going back to the Ottoman Empire and continuing through to the modern western coffeehouse chains, these two drinks have greatly shaped our common history and continue affect the everyday lives of almost every person on the planet.


You can join our project by adding your name to the participant list and placing the user box ((User BTF)) on your user page. Feel free to list any special interests after your name.

To add your name, click here.


  1. Thespian (talk · contribs · count): Love cocktails; fascinated by the *old* ones from the 20s and such (wikignome; I'm here to tidy)
  2. Jeffrey Scott Maxwell (talk · contribs · count) - Interests: Soft drinks, esp. Peruvian soft drink brands, Corporación José R. Lindley S.A. (Inca Kola) and Embotelladora Don Jorge S.A.C. (Perú Cola, Isaac Kola).
  3. Daniel Case (talk · contribs · count) - mainly because of my work on New Coke.
  4. Squamate (talk · contribs · count) - Root beer.
  5. maddiekate (talk · contribs · count) - I really old drink caffeine free soda. Don't like the buzz.
  6. Trulystand700 (talk · contribs · count) - Addicted to all types of soda in American stores
  7. Chandlerjoeyross (talk · contribs · count) - Love Soda. Try to help with British articles.
  8. WAVY 10 Fan (talk · contribs · count) - Mostly cleanup and finding info on miscellaneous stuff like advertising
  9. Tarheel95 (talk · contribs · count) on the Coke Side of the above.
  10. WhiteDragon (talk · contribs · count) - I especially love obscure sodas. My favorite cola is RC Cola, but I liked Crystal Pepsi. My favorite soda is Mountain Dew.
  11. WIERDGREENMAN (talk · contribs · count)
  12. Ktr101 (talk · contribs · count) - I work for Coke, so why not.
  13. guyinasuit5517 (talk · contribs · count) - I love sodas, especially obscure ones. I also know that Coca-Cola is better than Pepsi.
  14. EricEnfermero (talk · contribs · count) - I love Diet Coke, Big Red and single malt whisky.
  15. Apap04 (talk · contribs · count) - I drink Pepsi and Coca-Cola. I don't know the difference between both drinks really.
  16. Olijh29 (talk · contribs · count) - I’m a huge J2O fan, rarely drink anything else!!

Occasionally active[edit]

  1. Willscrlt (talk · contribs · count) - Mostly working on coordination between sister-WikiProjects within Food & Drink (template development, Wiki features, etc.). Project historian and sort of the founder of its current incarnation of the former Mixed Drink WikiProject; occasionally help as my limited time permits
  2. ONEder Boy (talk · contribs · count): Part-time lush and full-time knowledge nerd
  3. dmforcier (talk · contribs · count): I know what I like, and how to mix it.
  4. earth8845 (talk · contribs · count): I love coffee. Hate soda.

Taking a break[edit]

  • Nobody at present


Members that have made no contributions to Wikipedia for over 6 months are listed as inactive.

  1. Consuelo D'Guiche (talk · contribs · count): Academic mixologist, Bon Vivant
  2. DeathRattle101 (talk · contribs · count): I love cocktails and shots. I'm know a lot about whiskey, tequila, and brand/cognac cocktails and brands.
  3. Jablair51 (talk · contribs · count) - I make soft drinks for a living.
  4. Danhm (talk · contribs · count) - I've been working on the Dr Pepper page; figured I'd join this.
  5. Meteorman7228 (talk · contribs · count) I like Coke and Pepsi. I thought id join as soon as I saw this.
  6. Nascarfans (talk · contribs · count) - I love soda!
  7. NerdyScienceDude (talk · contribs · count) - I enjoy Sprite and Switch
  8. Sean (talk · contribs · count) - Mountain Dew is a personal favorite.
  9. Ali or nothin (talk · contribs · count) I drink a lot of coffee. Also interested in beer and wine/vineyards.
  10. Flash512 (talk · contribs · count) - Venom Energy article created needs information.
  11. CJMylentz (talk · contribs · count) - A&W Cream and all around Soda connoisseur
  12. SUFCboy (talk · contribs · count) - I am currently addicted to Irn Bru. I'm on the Pepsi side of the cola wars!
  13. tempisfugit1984 (talk · contribs · count): Cortado. Earl Grey. Islay.
  14. Happy-melon (talk · contribs · count): Grunt - useful for doing jobs which require more intelligence than a bot, but less than a small furry animal... ;-)

Ways to contribute[edit]

To do list[edit]

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Here are some tasks awaiting attention:


This list is transcluded from the tasks page, to edit this section click here.

Here are some tasks you can do for Beverages Task Force:
  • Help bring these Top Importance articles currently B Status or below up to GA status:
  • Bring these Top Importance articles currently at GA status up to FA Status:
  • Articles for creation:
  • Get rid of Trivia sections in articles you are working on.
  • Add the ((WPFOOD|bar=yes)) banner to bartending related articles to help bring them to members attention. It could encourage new members to the project too.

Current projects[edit]

This list is transcluded from the current projects page, to edit this section click here

These are the current projects that WikiProject Soft Drinks is working on:

(Presently none)

Community forums[edit]

In 2008, a community forum was established to help manage common goals of the associated Food and Drink WikiProjects. The inactive discussion is located here.

Goal specific forums
  • Guidelines forum - This forum has been set up for the various Food and Drink projects to develop a set of Manual of Style guidelines for use in articles under the auspices of all the related Food and Drink WikiProjects and task forces. This would be similar to the MoS guidelines for biographies or legal articles.
  • Restaurant notability guidelines discussion - This guideline is intended to extend WP:CORP, in no way to replace its purpose, in regard to restaurants. It is also not intended to replace, supplant, or otherwise alter the standard notability requirements.

Article information[edit]

We shall try to follow the Manual of Style for all of our articles. We shall initially be addressing those articles contained in the Category:beverages


Navbox templates

Merge proposals[edit]

Please list any articles or categories listed for merger by fellow contributors.

Peer review[edit]


Some Project Participants may enjoy working on special projects. One such special project is taking good-quality photographs (original works that are freely licensed) of the various drinks listed. Another special project is temporarily adopting one stub and becoming a super sleuth, tracking down as much information as possible about a drink, writing a good article, and documenting all sources used within the article. See Special Projects below for more information.


Please visit the Cleanup Project page for all the details and information on what you can do to help.

The primary project of the Beverages Task Force is a Wikipedia-wide search, identification, categorization, cleanup, merge, and purge of all drink-related articles (excluding articles under the purview of the Beer, Wine, and Spirits WikiProject). It is a very big job, but it would be so much easier for everyone if you could help a little.

Ongoing projects[edit]

  • Cross-referencing cocktails, beer cocktails, and wine cocktails by liquor used as well as alphabetical by drink.
Alphabetical lists are better handled by creating a category and tagging all related articles with the category tag. Manual lists have to be constantly maintained or the list becomes quickly outdated. Categories are self-generating. I see the same is already being done with some of the liquors. --Willscrlt 04:05, 6 December 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Rather than adding every beverage known to man, work on expanding the number of quality articles available from the various lists including list of cocktails and merge very tiny stubs (essentially recipe-only entries) back into the master lists.
  • Creating a useful list of reference guides.

New Articles[edit]

Below is a list of new articles created by Beverages Taskforce members, please take a look and give feedback. Article notices will be kept for one month. Please feel free to list your new beverages-related articles here (newer articles at the top, please). Any new articles that have an interesting or unusual fact in them should be suggested for the Did you know? box the Main Page.

Article alerts[edit]

Article alerts

Article alerts not yet available. Please allow some days for processing.

Did you know (DYK)[edit]

Below is a list of new articles created by Beverages Taskforce members, featured on the Did you know? on the Main Page. Article notices will be kept for one month.

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