1993 Lincolnshire County Council election

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All 76 seats to Lincolnshire County Council
39 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Party Conservative Labour
Seats before 39 19
Seats won 31 25
Seat change Decrease8 Increase6

  Third party Fourth party
Party Liberal Democrats Independent
Seats before 12 5
Seats won 15 5
Seat change Increase3 Steady0

Map of the results of the election in each division. Colours denote the winning party, as shown in the main table of results.

Council control before election


Council control after election

No overall control

The 1993 Lincolnshire County Council election was held on Thursday, 6 May 1993. The whole council of 76 members was up for election and the election resulted in no party winning an overall majority of seats on the council. The Conservative Party lost control of the council for the first time since 1973, winning 31 seats. The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats both made gains at the expense of the Conservatives, winning 25 and 15 seats respectively.[1][2][3]

Results by division

Each electoral division returned one county councillor. The results in each division are shown in the table below.[4][1]

Division Candidate Party Votes
Alford and Spilsby Michael Kennedy Con 1,164
Richard Sanders Lib Dem 1,023
Alford Coast Sydney Chapman Lib Dem 1,182
Gordon Wilson Con 1,106
Bardney and Cherry Willingham Veronica Ballantine Con 517
Charles Greenaway Ind 1,486
Bassingham Rural Lorna Lewinton Lab 343
Barbara Wells Ind Con 204
Steven Worth Lib Dem 870
Bill Wyrill Con 1,068
Billinghay and Cranwell James Clarke Lib Dem 639
Zena Scoley Con 1,061
Theresa Wadsley Lab 464
Bolingbroke Castle Jack Dyde Lib Dem -
Boston Rural South Jean Smith Con -
Boston Coastal Barrie Gosling Con -
Boston Witham Mary Giles Con -
Boston Wyberton Heather Judge Con -
Boston West Albert James Lawson Con 590
Charles Albert Tabbs Lib Dem 1,331
Boston Fenside Horace George Bartram Con 624
William Henry Ruck Lab Co-op 831
Bourne Abbey Leslie Burke Lab 485
John Kirkman Ind 1,248
Michael Silverwood Con 658
Bourne Castle Ian Croft Con 1,371
Susan Latham Lab 350
Beverley Wrigley-Pheasant Lib Dem 970
Caenby Robin Cracroft-Ely Con 1,443
Roger Hiscox Lib Dem 1,903
Cliff Vivian Hager Ind 286
Fay Bush Lib Dem 241
Kelvin Wilson Ind Con 60
Bill Rawson Con 935
Moira Slater Lab 1,045
Crowland Rural Helen Rawden Lib Dem 934
Jim Speechley Con 1,127
Valorie Stokes Lab 588
The Deepings Mark Grundy Lib Dem 1,540
John Lewis Lab 442
Jack Shilling Con 963
Devon and St John's Edna Chapman Con 623
Clifford Wells Lab 533
John Wilks Ind 665
Donington Rural Sybil Bingham Ind 1,104
Amy Teale Lab 657
Earlesfield Robin Appleton Con 186
John Chadwick Lab 555
Derek Vickers Lib 78
East Elloe John Fisher Con -
Folkingham Rural Michael Ablewhite Lab 453
Robert Burns Lib Dem 553
Giles Halfhead Ind 513
Martin Hill Con 1,162
Gainsborough East William Parry Con 187
Rodney Rainsworth Lib Dem 672
Lee Stewart Lab 406
Gainsborough North William Craigs Ind 454
Robert Jones Lab 593
Gainsborough Rural North Jacqueline Beckett Lab 479
Maurice French Lib Dem 1,169
Charles Ireland Con 739
Gainsborough Rural South Barry Brook Con -
Gainsborough South Judith Hall Con 218
David Lornas Lib Dem 556
Adrian Wootton Lab 284
Grantham North Martin Harrigan Lab 572
Pail Houghton Lib 296
Herbert Wheat Con 1,342
Grantham South Charles Burrows Lab 1,211
Kathleen Porter Con 795
Grantham West Gladys Foster Con 1,763
John Hurst Lab 788
Grimsthorpe Charles Bell Ind 1,099
Donald Fletcher Con 796
Harrowby Elsie Davies Lab 977
Ian Philips Con 394
Holbeach Martin Howard Lab 774
Julia Taylor Con 1,270
Holbeach Fen David Mawby Con -
Horncastle and Tetford John Butterworth Con 760
Fiona Martin Lib Dem 1,281
Hough John Hiley Lib 881
Philip Newton Con 937
Derrick Sansom Lab 283
Hykeham Forum Peter Gaul Ind Con 387
Les Simpson Con 369
Gordon Witney Lib Dem 1,527
Lincoln Abbey Linda Flint Lab 1,270
Michael Kaye Con 312
Lincoln Birchwood Barry Fippard Lab 1,744
Edmund Strengiel Con 1,672
Lincoln Boultham Sybil Daly Con 393
Paul North Green 147
Ian Smith Lab 1,171
Lincoln Bracebridge Robin Meads Con 991
Sharon Taylor Lab 1,312
Lincoln Carholme David Kane Green 247
Howard Ockwell Con 690
Rob Parker Lab 1,503
Lincoln Castle Brian Alford Green 151
Yvonne Sampson Con 427
Brenda Taggart Lab 1,407
Lincoln Longdales Geoff Burrell Lab 1,401
Maureen Gray Con 529
Lincoln Minster Anthony Grant Con 931
Pat Metcalfe Lab 1,641
Dr John Harding Price Lib Dem 332
Lincoln Moorland Norah Baldock Lab 1,278
David Chambers Con 846
Lincoln Park Reginald Poole Con 273
Paul Taylor Lab 1,021
Kenneth Yates Green 89
Lincoln Tritton Irene Adams Con 382
John Plant Lab 1,124
Louth Marsh Derek Hercock Ind 864
Jack Libell Con 1,080
Louth North Julia Baron Con 702
Clive Finch Lib Dem 609
John Herwood Lab 387
Louth Rural North Jean Johnson Con 949
Kelvin Wood Ind Con 580
Louth South John Henderson Lib Dem 337
Andrea Morris Con 815
David Shepherd Lab 1,181
Louth Wolds Rosemary Robinson Green 880
Cyril Turner Con 971
Mablethorpe Michael Elford Lib Dem 1,609
Ivy Kidd Con 787
Metheringham John Dugging Lib Dem 406
Rachel Garrick Lab 792
Eileen Powditch Con 862
Nettleham and Saxilby Margaret Morris Con 509
Sheila Turner Lib Dem 1,856
North East Kesteven Howard Sullivan Lib Dem 490
Robert Arnold Lab 1,146
William Bliss Con 1,413
North Wolds Malcolm Fytche Lab 962
Christopher Moorcroft Con 1,608
Rasen Wolds Christopher Padley Green 319
Ian Sharpe Lib Dem 658
Leslie Wilson Con 1,102
Skegness North Mark Anderson Lab 974
Margaret Hutchinson Lib Dem 549
Ken Sadler Con 683
Malcolm Stuart Ind 125
Skegness South David Edginton Con 855
George Gray Lib Dem 827
Sheila Mackenzie Lab 468
Skellingthorpe and Hykeham South Alan Love Ind Con 171
Pauline Holt Con 910
Michael Flint Lab 1,154
Skirbeck Richard Alan Day Con 815
Paul Robert Kenny Lab Co-op 1,196
Sleaford Dorothy Kench Con 895
Jarleth McGagh Lib Dem 847
David Romney Lab 1,261
Sleaford Rural North Donald Calthorpe Ind Dem 123
Jim Heppell Lib Dem 659
Dennis Monk Con 1,047
David Suiter Lab 472
Sleaford Rural South Dr Edward Brown Con 676
David Creasey Lab 276
Lesley Pinchbeck Lib Dem 1,659
Spalding Abbey Cyril Evans Lab 1,067
James Hansford Con 618
Spalding East and Weston Eric Davies Lab 1,146
Gwendoline Moore Con 985
Spalding North West Colin Fisher Con 999
Robert West Lab 839
Stamford North Colin Helstrip Con 913
Philip Keddell Lab 1,214
Stamford South Marguerite Belton Lib Dem 1,457
Lionel Cunningham Con 943
Bernard Frisby Ind 677
Tattershall Castle Betty Harvey Con 1,225
Taidhgh Daniel O'Regan Lib Dem 786
Wainfleet and Burgh James Dodsworth Lib Dem 1,374
Shirley Pascoe Con 408
West Elloe Peter Bray Con 833
Brian Davies Lab 444
Woodhall Span and Wragby Denis Hoyes Con -


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