This is a list of rivers of India, starting in the west and moving along the Indian coast southward, then northward. Tributary rivers are listed hierarchically in upstream order: the lower in the list, the more upstream.

The overall discharge of rivers in India or passing/originating in India : List of rivers of India by discharge

The major rivers of India are:

Mizoram and Bangladesh.

Meghna River Basin

The Meghna-Surma-Barak River System is located in India and Bangladesh.

Ganges River Basin

Map of the Ganges (orange), Brahmaputra (violet), and Meghna (green) drainage basins
Map of the Ganges (orange), Brahmaputra (violet), and Meghna (green) drainage basins
Yamuna River drainage basin map
Yamuna River drainage basin map

Brahmaputra River Basin

West Bengal Coastal

Odisha Coastal

Six major rivers of Odisha (AKA Gift Of Six Rivers):

Godavari River Basin

Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, one of the widest rivers in India
Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, one of the widest rivers in India

Godavari River in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh states

Krishna River Basin

Main tributary rivers in Maharashtra:

Main tributary rivers in Telangana:

Pennar River Basin

Kaveri River Basin

Hogenakkal Falls, on the Kaveri River
Hogenakkal Falls, on the Kaveri River

Tamil Nadu Coastal Rivers

Rivers flowing into the Arabian Sea

Indus Basin

Map of the Indus Basin
Map of the Indus Basin

Narmada River Basin

The following rivers are part of the Narmada River's basin:[1][2]

Tributary Bank Source elevation above MSL (m) Catchment area (km2) Length (km)
Kharmer Left - 557 64
Silgi Right - 531 65
Burhner Left 900 4228 177
Banjar Left 600 3282 183
Balai Right - 531 46
Temur Left 550 892 54
Gaur Right 690 1107 79.5
Saner Left - 581 51
Hiran Right 500 4795 188
Sher Left 650 2903 129
Biranjo Right - 1172 62
Shakkar Left 900 2294 161
Dudhi Left 900 1542 129
Sukhri Left - 609 39
Tendoni Right 500 1633 177
Barna Right 450 1789 105
Tawa Left 600 6338 172
Hather Left - 645 37.5
Kolar Right 600 1348 101
Ganjal Left 700 1931 89
Sip Right - 879 45
Jamner Right 470 671 30
Chandrakeshar Right 600 1249 30
Ajnal Left - 1203 62.5
Machak Left 550 1112 87.5
Chhota Tawa Left 400 5055 169
Khari Right - 754 41
Kenar Right - 1581 62.5
Kaveri Left - 954 32.5
Choral Right - 601 55
Kharkia Left - 1099 24
Kunda Left 900 3973 130
Karam Right - 858 45
Borad Left - 866 62.5
Man Right 550 1529 89
Deb Left 350 969 82.5
Uri Right - 2004 74
Goi Left 800 1892 129
Hathni Right 350 1944 30
Orsang Right 300 3946 101
Karjan Left 200 1490 93

Mahi River Basin

The origin of the river Mahi is Mindha, Madhya Pradesh.

Sabarmati River Basin

Tapi River Basin

Maharashtra Coastal Rivers

Coastal rivers of Goa

Mandovi River, known as Mhadai in Western Ghats of Goa and Karnataka, has three sources: the Degao, the Nanevadichi Nhõi (nhõi means river in Konkani) and Gavali; the last two sources go dry in summer season. The main origin of the river, in the form of a spring, even during Summer season, is at Bavtyacho Dongor hills near Degao village in Khanapur Taluka of Belgaum Dist in Karnataka State.

The three streams confluence at the Kabnali village whereafter it is known as Mhadai, which has an easterly flow initially, then flows north and finally turns to the west on entering Goa. Mhadai River enters Goa between Krisnapur (Karnataka) and Kadval (Goa) villages. The tributaries of the Mhadai are the Nersa Nala, the Chapoli and Kapoli nala, the Bail Nala, the Volo Panshiro ( Karnataka), the Suko Panshiro, the Harparo, the Nanodyachi Nhõi, the Vellsachi Nhõi, the Valpoichi Nhõi, the Ghadghadyachi Nhõi, the Valvanti/ Volvot, the Divcholchi Nhõi, the Asnoddchi Nhõi, the Khandeaparchi Nhõi, the Mhapxechi Nhõi, Xinkerchi Nhõi etc. It is the longest river of Goa with a reported length of 105 km.

Karnataka Coastal Rivers

The rivers flowing through three coastal districts of Karnataka join the Arabian Sea.

Kerala Coastal Rivers

See also: List of rivers of Kerala

The rivers flowing through three coastal districts of Kerala to join the Arabian Sea.

Rivers flowing into the inner part of India

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