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Nashik Division
Location of Nashik Division in Maharashtra
Location of Nashik Division in Maharashtra
Coordinates: 20°00′36″N 73°46′48″E / 20.01000°N 73.78000°E / 20.01000; 73.78000
DistrictsNashik, Nandurbar, Jalgaon, Dhule, Ahmednagar
 • Commissioner Nashik DivisionRajaram Mane IAS
 • Police Commissioner Nashik DivisionNA
 • All Guardian Minister Nashik Division

(Nashik District)

(Ahmednagar District)

(Nandurbar District)

(Jalgaon District)

(Dhule District)
 • All District Collector's Nashik Division
  • Gangatharan D. (IAS)

(Nashik District)

  • Rajendra Bhosale (IAS)

(Ahmednagar District)

  • Manisha Khatri (IAS)

(Nandurbar District)

  • Abhijit Rajendra Raut (IAS)

(Jalgaon District)

  • Jalaj Sharma (IAS)
(Dhule District)
 • All MP's Nashik DivisionNA

Nashik Division is one of the six divisions of India's Maharashtra state and four of its five districts form Uttar Maharashtra. The three northernmost districts of Uttar Maharashtra form most of the historic Khandesh region which covers the northern part of the division in the valley of the Tapti River. Nashik Division is bound by Konkan Division and the state of Gujarat to the west, Madhya Pradesh state to the north, Amravati Division and Marathwada (Aurangabad Division) to the east, and Desh (Pune Division) to the south.


As per the 2011 Census of India, Nashik Division had a population of 18,579,420 in the year 2011.[1]


Marathi is the most spoken language, which is also the sole official language of the region. Khandeshi and Ahirani dialect of Marathi, along with Bhili are also spoken by a significant portion of the population in Khandesh region of Nashik Division. There are significant minorities of Urdu and Hindi speakers in certain urban areas of the division.


At the time of the 2011 Census of India, 86.92% of the population of Nashik Division followed Hinduism, 10.00% Islam, 1.56% Buddhism, 0.35% Christianity and the remaining 1.17% of the population followed other religions or stated no religion.[1]

Religion in Nashik Division (2011)[1]

  Hinduism (86.92%)
  Islam (10.00%)
  Buddhism (1.56%)
  Christianity (0.35%)
  Other or not stated (1.17%)



There are 54 tehsils of 5 districts are divided into 28 subdivisions in Nashik division.

No. Subdivision


Tehsils District
1 Ahmednagar Ahmednagar, Newasa Ahmednagar
2 Karjat Karjat, Jamkhed
3 Pathardi Pathardi, Shevgaon
4 Shrigonda Shrigonda, Parner
5 Sangamner Sangamner, Akola
6 Shirdi Rahata, Kopargaon
7 Shrirampur Shrirampur, Rahuri
8 Dhule Dhule, Sakri Dhule
9 Shirpur Shirpur, Shindkheda
10 Amalner Amalner, Chopda Jalgaon
11 Faizpur Yawal, Raver
12 Bhusawal Bhusawal, Muktainagar, Bodwad
13 Jalgaon Jalgaon, Jamner
14 Erandol Erandol, Dharangaon, Parola
15 Pachora Pachora, Bhadgaon
16 Chalisgaon Chalisgaon
17 Nandurbar Nandurbar, Nawapur Nandurbar
18 Shahada Shahada, Akrani
19 Taloda Taloda, Akkalkuwa
20 Nashik Nashik Nashik
21 Nashik Igatpuri, Trimbakeshwar
22 Dindori Dindori, Peint
23 Niphad Niphad, Sinnar
24 Yeola Yeola, Nandgaon
25 Chandwad Chandwad, Deola
26 Malegaon Malegaon
27 Satana Satana
28 Kalwan Kalwan, Surgana




List of Divisional Commissioners


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