Singrauli District
Dudhichua Coal Mine
Dudhichua Coal Mine
Location of Singrauli district in Madhya Pradesh
Location of Singrauli district in Madhya Pradesh
Country India
StateMadhya Pradesh
  • Deosar
  • Chitrangi
  • Singrauli
  • Mada
  • Sarai
 • Lok Sabha constituenciesSidhi
 • Vidhan Sabha constituencies
 • Total5,672 km2 (2,190 sq mi)
 • Total1,178,273
 • Density210/km2 (540/sq mi)
 • Literacy62.36 per cent
 • Sex ratio916
Time zoneUTC+05:30 (IST)
Major highwaysNH 75

Singrauli district is one of the districts in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.


It was previously ruled by the Maharajas of Singrauli State till 1947, after which the monarchy was abolished. Singrauli district has its headquarters at Waidhan. It was the largest district in the Bagelkhand Division of Vindhya Pradesh. Singrauli is emerging as India's energy capital.

Just two generations ago, smallholders were tending their parcels of land here, and the original inhabitants were gathering honey and herbs in the forest. In the late fifties, a large scale dam banked up the water of the River Rihand. The dam known as Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar was inaugurated by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1962. Later, rich coal deposits spread over an area of 2200 km2 in the state of M.P. (eastern part of Sidhi District) and U.P. (southern part of Sonebhadra District) were discovered close to the artificial lake that could be used to generate electricity.

This area has a group of rock cut caves made in the 7-8th century AD in Mada, 32 km from Waidhan. The Mada caves are situated in Mada tehsil of Singrauli district. Famous caves include Vivah Mada, Ganesh Mada and Shankar Mada, Jaljalia and Ravan Mada.

Besides rock cut caves, Singrauli also has painted rock shelters. Ranimachi, Dholagiri and Goura pahad lie in Chitrangi tehsil of Singrauli. These painted rock shelters belong to the Mesolithic age of microlithic implements culture. These paintings are representative of the early history of Indian art and are made of red ochre.

Pollution threatens the shelters. Connectivity by road is very poor. This has been evident for several years but no action has been taken yet to improve road transport and quality of buses.[citation needed]


Singrauli district covers an area of 5,672 square kilometres (2,190 sq mi).[1]


Singrauli district comprises three tehsils, namely, Singrauli, Deosar and Chitrangi Vidhan Sabha.[2] Later two more tehsils have been added to this district viz. Mada and Sarai.


There are three Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha constituencies in this district, namely, Chitrangi, Singrauli and Deosar. All of these are part of Sidhi Lok Sabha constituency The MLA of Singrauli tehsil is Ram lallu vaishya, Amar Singh of chitrangi tehsil and Subhash Verma of Deosar. MP of Singrauli constituency is Riti Pathak along with sidhi. Mayor of Singrauli is Rani Agrawal.


Historical population
YearPop.±% p.a.
Religions in Singrauli district (2011)[4]
Religion Percent
Other (tribal religion)
Other or not stated

According to the 2011 census Singrauli district has a population of 1,178,273,[5] roughly equal to the nation of Timor-Leste[6] or the US state of Rhode Island.[7] This gives it a ranking of 402nd in India (out of a total of 640).[5] The district has a population density of 208 inhabitants per square kilometre (540/sq mi) .[5] Its population growth rate over the decade 2001-2011 was 28.03%.[5] Singrauli has a sex ratio of 916 females for every 1000 males,[5] and a literacy rate of 62.36%. 19.25% of the population lives in urban areas. Scheduled Castes and Tribes made up 12.79% and 32.59% of the population respectively. The largest tribes are the Gonds, who are 50% of the tribal population, and Kols, 16% of the tribal population.[5]

Languages of Sidhi district (2011)

  Hindi (89.59%)
  Bagheli (4.49%)
  Gondi (1.64%)
  Others (4.28%)

At the time of the 2011 Census of India, 89.59% of the population in the district spoke Hindi, 4.49% Bagheli and 1.64% Gondi as their first language.[8]


Singrauli district is home to a unique ambidextrous school named Veena Vandini School in Budhela, where students are taught to write simultaneously with both hands. The school was setup by a former Army soldier Shri V.P. Sharma in July 1999.[9][10]


Singrauli is also known as Energy Capital of India. The Rihand Dam was built in 1961 across the Rihand River at Pipri in the neighbouring district of Sonbhadra, in Uttar Pradesh.[11] Later, rich coal deposits spread over an area of 2,200 square kilometres (850 sq mi) across the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh were discovered close to the artificial lake, Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar formed by the Rihand Dam. That led to the transformation and development of the area.[2]

Coal mining and power

Northern Coalfields is the major business of the district. The headquarters of the company are at Singrauli. The company is a subsidiary of Coal India, which is the largest coal producing company in world.[citation needed]

power plant in Singrauli District

The Singrauli Coalfield can be divided into two basins, viz. Moher sub-basin (312 km2.) and Singrauli Main basin (1890 km2.). The major part of the Moher sub-basin lies in the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh and a small part lies in the Sonebhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. Singrauli main basin lies in the western part of the coalfield and is largely unexplored. The present coal mining activities and future blocks are concentrated in Moher sub-basin. Lignite is the form of coal excavated from these coal mines. These coal mines are a hub for the Heavy Earth Moving Machines (HEMM).

The exploration carried out by GSI/NCDC/CMPDI has proved abundant resource of power grade coal in the area. This in conjunction with easy water resource from Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar makes this region an ideal location for high capacity pithead power plants. The coal supplies from NCL has made it possible to produce more than 11000 MW of electricity from pithead power plants of National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), The region is now called the Energy Capital of India. The ultimate capacity of power generation of these power plants is 13295 MW and NCL is fully prepared to meet the increased demand of coal for the purpose. In addition, NCL supplies coal to power plants of Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam, Delhi Vidyut Board (DVB) and Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited.

NCL produces coal through mechanised opencast mines but its commitments towards environmental protection is total. It is one of very few companies engaged in mining activities, which has got ISO –14001 Certification for its environmental systems.

NCL, through its community development programmes, has significantly contributed towards improvement and development of the area. It is helping local tribal, non-tribal and project-affected persons in overall improvement of quality of their life through self-employments schemes, imparting education and providing health care.


power plant in Singrauli

All major companies operating in Singrauli are giants of Indian energy industry. The operations of companies include mining of coal to power generation. In recent past, several private companies have also joined the league of companies operating in Singrauli. It is expected by 2017, that Singrauli would feed around 35,000 MW of electrical power to the grid alone.

Major companies operating or coming up at Singrauli are:[12]

Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station (SSTPS) Thermal Power (electricity) NTPC 1977 P.O. : Shaktinagr, Sonebhadra district Uttar Pradesh 5 x 200 MW + 2 x 500 MW=2000 MW With international assistance of IDA & KFW
Vindhyachal Thermal Power Station (VTPS) Thermal Power (electricity) NTPC 1982 P.O. : Vingdhyanagar, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 1260 MW (6X210 MW) under Stage-I, 1000 MW (2X500 MW) of Stage-II and 1000 MW (2X500 MW) under Stage-III. Total=3260 and 1000MW of Stage-IV is under construction. With international assistance of USSR-stage I, World bank under time slice loan stage II
Rihand Thermal Power Station (RTPS) Thermal Power (electricity) NTPC 1977 P.O. : Rihandnagar, Sonebhadra district Uttar Pradesh 1000 MW (2x500 MW each) in Stage-I and 1000 MW (2x500 MW each) in Stage-II Total= 2000MW and 1000MW of stage-III has been commissioned recently. With international assistance of United Kingdom
Northern Coalfields Limited Coal mining Coal India Limited 1984 P.O. : Singrauli Colliery, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh coal supplies made it possible to produce about 13295 MW of electricity from pithead power plants of NTPC, UPRVUNL and Renupower division of M/s. Hindalco Industries Thickest coal seam of India-131 metres (Jhingurda seam)
Sasan Ultra Mega Power Project Thermal Power Plant (electricity) Reliance Power 2013 Vill. : Sasan, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 3,960 MW Generated Highest PLF in India
Chitrangi Power Project Thermal Power Plant (electricity) Reliance Power 2007 (bidding) Chitrangi, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 3,960 MW under construction(Put on hold due to CAG Report)
Muher and Muher Amlori extension Coal mining Reliance Power 2007(bidding) Muher - Amlohri, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh coal reserves of these mines are around 720 MT with a production level of 25 mtpa ---
Mahan Super Thermal Power Project Thermal Power plant (electricity) Essar Group 2007(bidding) Vill. : Bandhaura, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 2x 600 MW = 1200MW unit I commissioned, unit II in under construction
Mahan Captive Thermal Power Plant Thermal Power plant(electricity) Hindalco Industries 2007(bidding) Rewa-Ranchi ; NH-75(E), Bargawan, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 900-MW 150x6 Out of 6 Units, I, II & III Commissioned by BHEL
Mahan coal Limited Coal mining joint venture of Essar and Hindalco 2007(bidding) Vill. : Ameliya, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh - Essar will take 60% of the coal output and Hindalco will take the remaining 40%
Mahan Aluminium Limited Aluminium smelter plant Hindalco Industries 2007(bidding) Rewa-Ranchi ; NH-75(E) Bargawan, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 359-ktpa aluminum smelter Production started
Jaypee Nigrie Super Thermal Power Project Thermal Power plant (electricity) Jaypee Group 2007(bidding) Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 2 x 660 MW= 1320 MW Under Erection
M.P. Jaypee Minerals Coal mining joint venture of M.P. government and Jaypee Group 2007(bidding) Vill. : Nigaree, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 2 million tonnes ---
DB Power M.P.Limited Thermal Power plant (electricity) Dainik Bhaskar --- Near Nigaree, Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh 1320 MW underconstruction
VindhyaChal Pooling sub-station Power transmission Powergrid --- Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh from SasanUMPP (2 No 765 kV S/C Sasan - Satna Transmission lines) and Vindhyachal Stage-IV (400 kV DC (Quad)Vindhyachal - Vindhyachal Pooling line), 2 No 765 kV S/C from Vindhyachal Pooling to Satna Sub-Station, a 765/400 kV Pooling substation near Vindhyachal Stage-IV (1000 MW), Rihand Stage-III (1000 MW) as well as Aryan Coal Benefication Pvt Ltd. (1200 MW) Generation Projects ---
Amelia coal block Coal mining Joint Venture Company of Sainik mines and M.P. State Mining Corporation Ltd. --- Singrauli District Madhya Pradesh ----- ---



The famous temples of Singrauli are Hanuman Mandir of Jhingurdah, about 8 kilometres from the city and Jwala Mukhi about 15 km from Singrauli Rly. station. Other temples include Gayatri temple, Jain temple & Shiv Mandir, situated at Vindhyanagar, 15 km from Singrauli. Jagannath Temple, Jayant, is a famous Hindu shrine (Lord Jagannath). The most prominent festivals in this area are Durga pooja and Deepawali. In Hanuman mandir a grand mela (fair) is also organised.famous Shree Ganeshji temple, Deosar is located in khadaura village near deosar.

ganesh temple, deosar


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