The following table contains the Indian states and union territories along with the most spoken scheduled languages used in the region.[1] These are based on the 2011 census of India figures.[2] (Note: Telangana and Andhra Pradesh statistics are based on the 2001 census of Andhra Pradesh)

Language region map of India
States and union territories of India by the most commonly spoken languages, among which most are scheduled but some are not scheduled languages, like Ao of Nagaland, Khasi of Meghalaya, Ladakhi of Ladakh, Mizo of Mizoram and Nyishi of Arunachal Pradesh. Exceptionally, Mizo attains state level official language status, despite not being a scheduled language. Nepali, despite being the lingua franca of Sikkim as well as a scheduled language, isn't the official language of Sikkim state.[3][4][5][a]
State / Union Territory 1 2 3 4 5
Andaman and Nicobar Islands Bengali Tamil Telugu Hindi Malayalam
Andhra Pradesh Telugu Urdu Tamil Kannada Odia
Arunachal Pradesh Nishi Adi Apatani Tagin Hindi
Assam Assamese Bengali Bodo Hindi Nepali
Bihar Hindi (including Bihari languages) Maithili Urdu Bengali Santali
Chandigarh Hindi Punjabi Urdu Nepali Bengali
Chhattisgarh Hindi Odia Bengali Telugu Marathi
Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu Gujarati Hindi Marathi Konkani Bengali
Delhi Hindi Punjabi Urdu Bengali Maithili
Goa Konkani Marathi Hindi Kannada Urdu
Gujarat Gujarati Hindi Marathi Sindhi Urdu
Haryana Hindi Punjabi Urdu Bengali Maithili
Himachal Pradesh Hindi (including Pahari languages) Punjabi Nepali Kashmiri Dogri
Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Kashmiri Dogri Hindi Punjabi Urdu
Jharkhand Hindi (including Bihari languages) Santali Bengali Urdu Odia
Karnataka Kannada Telugu Tamil Urdu Marathi
Kerala Malayalam Tamil Tulu Kannada Konkani
Lakshadweep Malayalam Dhivehi Tamil Hindi Telugu
Madhya Pradesh Hindi Marathi Urdu Sindhi Gujarati
Maharashtra Marathi Hindi Urdu Gujarati Telugu
Manipur Meitei Nepali Hindi Bengali English
Meghalaya Khasi Garo Bengali Nepali Hindi
Mizoram Mizo English Hindi Meitei Chakma
Nagaland Naga languages English Hindi Assamese Meitei
Odisha Odia Santali Urdu Telugu Hindi
Puducherry Tamil Telugu Malayalam French English
Punjab Punjabi Hindi Urdu Bengali English
Rajasthan Hindi (including Rajasthani languages) Punjabi Gujarati Sindhi Urdu
Sikkim Nepali Hindi Bengali Urdu Punjabi
Tamil Nadu Tamil Malayalam Telugu Urdu Kannada
Telangana Telugu Urdu Gondi Kannada Marathi
Tripura Bengali Kokborok Chakma English Meitei
Uttar Pradesh Hindi (including Hindi languages) Urdu Punjabi Nepali Bengali
Uttarakhand Hindi (including Pahari languages) Urdu Punjabi Bengali Nepali
West Bengal Bengali Hindi Santali Urdu Nepali

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  1. ^ Some languages may be over- or underrepresented as the census data used is at the state-level. For example, while Urdu has 52 million speakers (2001), in no state is it a majority as the language itself is primarily limited to Indian Muslims yet has more native speakers than Gujarati.


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