This is the central log for all sanctions issued pursuant to an Arbitration Committee contentious topics remedy in 2024 as well as any appeals or modifications made to sanctions issued in 2024.

The required information is the user or page the sanction is being applied to, enforcing administrator, date, nature of sanction, including expiry date (if applicable), basis or context (such as link to AE request), and a diff of the user notification (if applicable).

Yearly Logs (Full Log)


Armenia-Azerbaijan (CT/A-A)

See also: Wikipedia:General sanctions/Armenia and Azerbaijan

Page sanctions (AA)

User sanctions (AA)

Arab–Israeli conflict (CT/A-I)

Remedies also include ECR and 1RR.

Page sanctions (CT/A-I)

User sanctions (CT/A-I)

Abortion (CT/AB)

American politics (CT/AP)

1RR added following edit warring. Daniel Case (talk) 21:15, 23 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Biographies of Living Persons (CT/BLP)

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CT/CAM)

Climate change (CT/CC)

Pseudoscience and fringe science (CT/CF)

Infoboxes (CT/CID)


Balkans or Eastern Europe (CT/EE)

See also: Wikipedia:General sanctions/Russo-Ukrainian War

Page sanctions (CT/EE)

User sanctions (CT/EE)

Falun Gong (CT/FG)

Gun control (CT/GC)

Gender and sexuality (CT/GG)

Page sanctions (CT/GG)

User sanctions (CT/GG)

Genetically modified organisms (CT/GMO)

Remedies also include 1RR.

Horn of Africa (CT/HORN)

India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan (CT/IPA)

See also: Wikipedia:General sanctions/South Asian social groups

Page sanctions (CT/IPA)

User sanctions (CT/IPA)

Iranian politics (CT/IRP)

Kurds and Kurdistan (CT/KURD)

Manual of Style and article titles (CT/MOS)

Race and intelligence (CT/R-I)

The Troubles (CT/TT)

Remedies also include 1RR.

Other cases

Add other non-CTOP cases here as needed.

Antisemitism in Poland (APL)

See also: Wikipedia:Contentious topics/Balkans or Eastern Europe

Conduct in deletion-related editing