British West Indies at the
1960 Summer Olympics
(ANT used at these Games)
NOCWest Indies Olympic Association
in Rome
Competitors13 in 5 sports
Ranked 147th
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)
Other related appearances
 Jamaica (1948–1956, 1964–)
 Trinidad and Tobago (1948–1956, 1964–)
 Barbados (1968–)

Athletes from the West Indies Federation competed under the name Antilles (ANT),[1] renamed to British West Indies (BWI) by the IOC, at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Italy. Thirteen competitors—two from Barbados, four from Trinidad, and seven from Jamaica—all men, took part in thirteen events in five sports.[2] The short-lived nation only participated at these single Games, as Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago competed independently again in 1964, and Barbados started competing at the 1968 Games. The team won two bronze medals, both in track and field athletics.


Timeline of participation

Date Team
1948–1956  Jamaica (JAM)  Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)
1960  British West Indies (BWI)
1964  Jamaica (JAM)  Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)
1968–  Barbados (BAR)

Medal tables

Medals by Summer Games

Games Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Total Rank
1960 Rome 13 0 0 2 2 39
Total 0 0 2 2 145

Medals by summer sport

Totals (1 entries)0022

List of medalists

Medal Name Sport Event Date
 Bronze  George Kerr (JAM) Athletics Men's 800 metres September 2
 Bronze  George Kerr (JAM)
 Jim Wedderburn (BAR)
 Keith Gardner (JAM)
 Malcolm Spence (JAM)
Athletics Men's 4×400 metre relay September 8

Results by event


Further information: Athletics at the 1960 Summer Olympics

Event Name Result
Men's 100 metres Dennis Johnson Heats: 10.4 (2nd in heat)
Quarter-finals: 10.4 (4th, did not advance)
Men's 200 metres Clifton Bertrand Heats: 21.3 (3rd in heat)
Quarter-finals: 21.4 (6th, did not advance)
Dennis Johnson Heats: 21.2 (1st in heat)
Quarter-finals: 21.1 (3rd)
Semi-finals: 21.0 (5th, did not advance)
Men's 400 metres Malcolm Spence Heats: 47.6 (1st in heat)
Quarter-finals: 46.9 (3rd)
Semi-finals: 46.8 (5th, did not advance)
James Wedderburn Heats: 47.4 (2nd in heat)
Quarter-finals: 47.0 (4th, did not advance)
Men's 800 metres George Kerr Heats: 1:50.9 (1st in heat)
Quarter-finals: 1:49.4 (1st)
Semi-final: 1:47.1 (1st)
Final: 1:47.1 (→  Bronze)
Men's 4×400 metre relay George Kerr
James Wedderburn
Keith Gardner
Malcolm Spence
Heats: 3:09.1 (1st in heat)
Semi-final: 3:09.2 (2nd)
Final: 3:04.0 (→  Bronze)
Men's 110 metre hurdles Keith Gardner Heats: 14.3 (1st in heat)
Quarter-finals: 14.3 (2nd)
Semi-final: 14.2 (3rd)
Final: 14.4 (→ 5th place)
Men's long jump Paul Foreman Qualification: 7.42 m
Final: 7.26 m (→ 12th place)


Further information: Cycling at the 1960 Summer Olympics

Event Name Result
Individual road race Clyde Rimple DNF
Sprint Clyde Rimple Heats: 2nd of 2
Repechage: 1st of 2
Repechage final: 2nd of 3
Eighth-finals: 3rd of 3
Eighth-finals repechage: 2nd of 3 (did not advance)
Time trial Clyde Rimple 1:16.08 (→ 23rd place)


Further information: Sailing at the 1960 Summer Olympics

Event Name Result
Flying Dutchman class Richard John Bennett
Gerald Bird
893 points (→ 30th place)


Further information: Shooting at the 1960 Summer Olympics

Event Name Result
50 m free pistol Tony Bridge Qualification: 319 (→ 32nd in group, did not advance)
Keith De Casseres (retired)


Further information: Weightlifting at the 1960 Summer Olympics

Event Name Result
Bantamweight (57 kg) Grantley Sobers Press: 97.5 kg (7th)
Snatch: 90.0 kg (12th)
Jerk: 120.0 kg (13th)
Total: 307.5 kg (→ 10th place)


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