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Portugal first participated at the Olympic Games in 1912 and has since taken part in every edition of the Summer Olympic Games. Earlier that year, the Olympic Committee of Portugal (COP, Comité Olímpico de Portugal) was recognised by the International Olympic Committee as the Portuguese National Olympic Committee. In 1952, athletes representing Portugal competed for the first time at the Olympic Winter Games, and have only missed two editions since 1988.

As of the 2020 Summer Olympics, thirty-nine Portuguese athletes have won a total of twenty-eight medals (five golds, nine silvers and fourteen bronzes) in nine summer sports. Athletics has provided the most medals, including all five golds. Portugal has not yet won any medal at the Winter Olympics.

Medal tables

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Medals by Summer Sport

Sports  Gold  Silver  Bronze Total Rank
Athletics 5 3 4 12 35
Sailing 0 2 2 4 33
Canoeing 0 1 1 2 37
Cycling 0 1 0 1 40
Shooting 0 1 0 1 60
Triathlon 0 1 0 1 11
Equestrian 0 0 3 3 29
Judo 0 0 3 3 47
Fencing 0 0 1 1 36
Total 5 9 14 28 69

Medals by Gender

Gender  Gold  Silver  Bronze Total
Men 3 7 8 18
Women 2 2 3 7
Mixed 0 0 3 3
Total 5 9 14 28

List of medalists

A total of 39 athletes won 28 medals for Portugal. Only five athletes won more than one medal: Luís Mena e Silva (two bronzes), Carlos Lopes (one gold and one silver), Rosa Mota (one gold and one bronze), Fernanda Ribeiro (one gold and one bronze) and Fernando Pimenta (one silver and one bronze).

Medal Name Games Sport Event
 Bronze António Borges
Hélder de Souza
José Mouzinho
France 1924 Paris Equestrian Team jumping
 Bronze Frederico Paredes
Henrique da Silveira
João Sassetti
Jorge de Paiva
Mário de Noronha
Paulo d'Eça Leal
Netherlands 1928 Amsterdam Fencing Men's team épée
 Bronze Domingos de Sousa
José Beltrão
Luís Mena e Silva
Nazi Germany 1936 Berlin Equestrian Team jumping
 Silver Duarte Bello
Fernando Bello
United Kingdom 1948 London Sailing Swallow
 Bronze Fernando Paes
Francisco Valadas
Luís Mena e Silva
United Kingdom 1948 London Equestrian Team dressage
 Bronze Joaquim Fiúza
Francisco de Andrade
Finland 1952 Helsinki Sailing Star
 Silver Mário Quina
José Quina
Italy 1960 Rome Sailing Star
 Silver Armando Marques Canada 1976 Montreal Shooting Mixed trap
 Silver Carlos Lopes Canada 1976 Montreal Athletics Men's 10000 m
 Gold Carlos Lopes United States 1984 Los Angeles Athletics Men's marathon
 Bronze Rosa Mota United States 1984 Los Angeles Athletics Women's marathon
 Bronze António Leitão United States 1984 Los Angeles Athletics Men's 5000 m
 Gold Rosa Mota South Korea 1988 Seoul Athletics Women's marathon
 Gold Fernanda Ribeiro United States 1996 Atlanta Athletics Women's 10000 m
 Bronze Hugo Rocha
Nuno Barreto
United States 1996 Atlanta Sailing Men's 470
 Bronze Nuno Delgado Australia 2000 Sydney Judo Men's 81 kg
 Bronze Fernanda Ribeiro Australia 2000 Sydney Athletics Women's 10000 m
 Silver Sérgio Paulinho Greece 2004 Athens Cycling Men's road race
 Silver Francis Obikwelu Greece 2004 Athens Athletics Men's 100 m
 Bronze Rui Silva Greece 2004 Athens Athletics Men's 1500 m
 Gold Nelson Évora China 2008 Beijing Athletics Men's triple jump
 Silver Vanessa Fernandes China 2008 Beijing Triathlon Women's competition
 Silver Fernando Pimenta
Emanuel Silva
United Kingdom 2012 London Canoeing Men's K-2 1000 m
 Bronze Telma Monteiro Brazil 2016 Rio de Janeiro Judo Women's 57 kg
 Gold Pedro Pichardo Japan 2020 Tokyo Athletics Men's triple jump
 Silver Patrícia Mamona Japan 2020 Tokyo Athletics Women's triple jump
 Bronze Jorge Fonseca Japan 2020 Tokyo Judo Men's 100 kg
 Bronze Fernando Pimenta Japan 2020 Tokyo Canoeing Men's K-1 1000 m

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