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 Republic of China (1924–1948)

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), competes as "Chinese Taipei" (TPE) at the Olympic Games since 1984. Athletes compete under the Chinese Taipei Olympic flag instead of the flag of the Republic of China; for any medal ceremony, the National Flag Anthem of the Republic of China is played instead of the National Anthem of the Republic of China.

Taiwanese athletes won their first Olympic medal in 1960, and their first gold medal in 2004, and their highest total medal count in 2020 games.


Timeline of participation

Date Team
1932–1936 China as part of  Japan
1948 China
1952 People's Republic of China
1956 Republic of China
1960 Formosa (RCF)
1964–1968 Taiwan (TWN)
1972–1976 Republic of China (ROC)
1980  China (CHN)
1984–  Chinese Taipei (TPE)


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List of medalists

Medal Players/Players in the team Games Sport Event
 Silver Yang Chuan-kwang 1960 Rome Athletics Men's decathlon
 Bronze Chi Cheng 1968 Mexico City Athletics Women's 80 metre hurdles
 Bronze Tsai Wen-yee 1984 Los Angeles Weightlifting Men's 60 kg
 Silver Chang Cheng-hsien
Chang Wen-chung
Chang Yaw-teing
Chen Chi-hsin
Chen Wei-chen
Chiang Tai-chuan
Huang Chung-yi
Huang Wen-po
Jong Yeu-jeng
Ku Kuo-chian
Kuo Lee Chien-fu
Liao Ming-hsiung
Lin Chao-huang
Lin Kun-han
Lo Chen-jung
Lo Kuo-chong
Pai Kun-hong
Tsai Ming-hung
Wang Kuang-shih
Wu Shih-hsih
1992 Barcelona Baseball Men's competition
 Silver Chen Jing 1996 Atlanta Table tennis Women's singles
 Silver Li Feng-ying 2000 Sydney Weightlifting Women's 53 kg
 Bronze Chen Jing 2000 Sydney Table tennis Women's singles
 Bronze Chi Shu-ju 2000 Sydney Taekwondo Women's 49 kg
 Bronze Huang Chih-hsiung 2000 Sydney Taekwondo Men's 58 kg
 Bronze Kuo Yi-hang 2000 Sydney Weightlifting Women's 75 kg
 Gold Chen Shih-hsin 2004 Athens Taekwondo Women's flyweight
 Gold Chu Mu-yen 2004 Athens Taekwondo Men's flyweight
 Silver Chen Szu-yuan
Liu Ming-huang
Wang Cheng-pang
2004 Athens Archery Men's team
 Silver Huang Chih-hsiung 2004 Athens Taekwondo Men's lightweight
 Bronze Chen Li-ju
Wu Hui-ju
Yuan Shu-chi
2004 Athens Archery Women's team
 Gold Chen Wei-ling 2008 Beijing Weightlifting Women's 48 kg
 Silver Lu Ying-chi 2008 Beijing Weightlifting Women's 63 kg
 Bronze Chu Mu-yen 2008 Beijing Taekwondo Men's 58 kg
 Bronze Sung Yu-chi 2008 Beijing Taekwondo Men's 68 kg
 Gold Hsu Shu-ching 2012 London Weightlifting Women's 53 kg
 Bronze Tseng Li-cheng 2012 London Taekwondo Women's 57 kg
 Gold Hsu Shu-ching 2016 Rio de Janeiro Weightlifting Women's 53 kg
 Bronze Lei Chien-ying
Lin Shih-chia
Tan Ya-ting
2016 Rio de Janeiro Archery Women's team
 Bronze Kuo Hsing-chun 2016 Rio de Janeiro Weightlifting Women's 58 kg
 Gold Kuo Hsing-chun 2020 Tokyo Weightlifting Women's 59 kg
 Gold Lee Yang
Wang Chi-lin
2020 Tokyo Badminton Men's doubles
 Silver Yang Yung-wei 2020 Tokyo Judo Men's 60 kg
 Silver Deng Yu-cheng
Tang Chih-chun
Wei Chun-heng
2020 Tokyo Archery Men's team
 Silver Lee Chih-kai
2020 Tokyo Gymnastics Men's pommel horse
 Silver Tai Tzu-ying 2020 Tokyo Badminton Women's singles
 Bronze Lo Chia-ling 2020 Tokyo Taekwondo Women's 57 kg
 Bronze Lin Yun-ju
Cheng I-ching
2020 Tokyo Table tennis Mixed doubles
 Bronze Chen Wen-huei 2020 Tokyo Weightlifting Women's 64 kg
 Bronze Pan Cheng-tsung 2020 Tokyo Golf Men's individual
 Bronze Huang Hsiao-wen 2020 Tokyo Boxing Women's flyweight
 Bronze Wen Tzu-yun 2020 Tokyo Karate Women's 55 kg

Timeline concerning Olympic recognition

The following timeline concerns the different names and principal events concerning recognition of the Republic of China (ROC) Olympic team:

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