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Gravity-1 mission 1 launch 11 January 2024

Gravity-1 (Chinese: 引力一号) is a solid-propellant medium-lift launch vehicle designed, manufactured and launched by Chinese aerospace company Orienspace. It can carry a payload of up to 6.5 tonnes (14,000 lb) to LEO or 4.2 tonnes (9,300 lb) to SSO, enabling the deployment of large-scale satellite constellations. Its maiden launch was conducted from a sea launch platform on January 11, 2024, breaking records as both the world's largest solid-fuel carrier rocket and China's most powerful commercial launch vehicle to date.[1]

List of launches

Serial number Flight number Date (UTC) Launch site Payload Orbit Outcome
1 Gravity-1 Y1 11 January 2024
05:30 UTC
Special converted barge (Dong Fang Hang Tian Gang)
Offshore waters of Haiyang Port
Yunyao-1 18-20 weather satellites LEO (50° inclination, 500km circular) Success[1]


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