Image showing the location of the Olots
Regions with significant populations
 Mongolia15,520 (2010)
 Chinaa few thousands
Tibetan Buddhism, Mongolian shamanism
Related ethnic groups
Mongols, especially Oirats

The Olot people (Mongolian: Өөлд, romanized: Ööld) are an Oirat sub-ethnic group of Choros origin. They were one of the strongest tribes of the Oirats. Today, Mongolian Olots live in Erdenebüren and Ölziit sums. There are a few Olots in Hulunbuir region and 40,000(?) Olots in Xinjiang province of China. Ölziit Olots absorbed into the Khalkha Mongols, and Erdenebüren Olots (3,000 people) retained their Oirat heritage.

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