Company typeSubsidiary
IndustryTV Production
Founded1995; 29 years ago (1995), in London
HeadquartersLondon and Brighton (UK)
Los Angeles (USA)
Key people
Joanna Ball (CEO)[1]
Too Big to Walk
The Real Housewives of New York City
Fat March
It's Me or the Dog
The World's Toughest Tribes
Risking It All
No Going Back
How Not to Decorate
The Alaska Experiment
Who Rules the Roost
Selling Houses
Born to Be Different
Sex Tips for Girls
Breaking Into Tesco
Extreme Dreams
Living in the Sun
The Repair Shop
ParentWarner Bros. Television Studios UK

Ricochet, part of Warner Bros. Television Studios UK, is an independent television production company that produces factual and entertainment programmes for broadcast by networks in both the UK and US.

Ricochet joined the Shed Media Group in 2005.


Current Productions

Previous Productions

Born to Be Different (Channel 4)

My Child Won't Eat (ITV1)
The Mummy Diaries (Channel 4)
Into The Big Wide World (Channel 4)
Colin and Justin's Home Show (UKTV Style)
My New Home (Channel 4)
Fat March (ABC)
It's Me or the Dog (Channel 4)
My Crazy Life (Channel 4)
The World's Toughest Tribes (Discovery)
Britain's Worst Teeth (BBC Three)
Sex In Court (E4)
Selling Houses Abroad (Channel 4)
Clutter Nutters (CBBC)

Too Big to Walk (Channel 4)
No Going Back (Channel 4)
Risking it All (Channel 4)
Admission Impossible (Channel 4)
Inside Spontaneous Human Combustion (Sky One)
Selling Houses (Channel 4)
How Not to Decorate (Five)
Who Rules the Roost (BBC Three)

Wanted: New Mum and Dad (Channel 4)
Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre (BBC One)
The Ultimate Celebrity Fashion Frock-Ups (Five)
The 20 Worst Interior Design Crimes in Your Home (Five)
The 20 Things We Love to Hate About Builders (Five)
Flying Heavy Metal (Discovery) It's Me or the Dog (Channel 4)

Tetris: From Russia With Love (BBC Four)
The 20 Quickest Ways to Make Money on your Property (Five)
The 20 Quickest Ways to Lose Money on your Property (Five)
Housetrapped in the Sun (Channel 4)
Supernanny (Channel 4)
Passion Never Dies (BBC Two)
Taking Care: Rough Diamonds (BBC Three)

St Tropez Summer (E4)
More Sex Tips for Girls (Channel 4)
Why Pay Men for Sex (Channel 4)
River Cottage Forever (Channel 4) (Co-production with Keo Films)
Future Sex (Channel 4)
The Ultimate Rule Breakers (Channel 4)
Baring All (Channel 4)
Mel B's ex - The Jimmy Gulzar Story (BBC Choice)
Dome Heist (Channel 4)
Changing Sex (Channel 4)

Posh Rock (E4)
Sex Tips for Girls (Channel 4)
Nigella Bites (Channel 4) (Co-production with Pacific)
Real Gardens (Channel 4) (Co-production with Ark Productions)
Strippers (TV programme) (E4)
The Twentieth Century Garden (Channel 4)


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