Southern Nicobarese
Native toIndia
RegionLittle Nicobar, Great Nicobar
Native speakers
7,500 (2001 census)[1]
  • Great Nicobarese
  • Little Nicobarese
Language codes
ISO 639-3nik
ELPSouthern Nicobarese
Approximate location where Southern Nicobarese is spoken
Approximate location where Southern Nicobarese is spoken
Southern Nicobarese
Location in the Bay of Bengal.
Coordinates: 6°50′N 93°48′E / 6.83°N 93.80°E / 6.83; 93.80

Southern Nicobarese is a Nicobarese language, spoken on the Southern Nicobar Islands of Little Nicobar (Ong), Great Nicobar (Lo'ong), and a couple small neighboring islands, Kondul (Lamongshe) and Pulo Milo (Milo Island). Each is said to have its own dialect.


Parmanand Lal (1977:23)[2] reported 11 Nicobarese villages with 192 people in all, located mostly along the western coast of Great Nicobar Island. Pulo-babi village was the site of Lal's extensive ethnographic study.

Lal (1977:104) also reported the presence of several Shompen villages in the interior of Great Nicobar Island.


Paul Sidwell (2017)[3] published in ICAAL 2017 conference on Nicobarese languages.

Word Southern Nicobarese proto-Nicobarese
hot tait *taɲ
four fôat *foan
child kōˑan *kuːn
lip paṅ-nōˑin *manuːɲ
dog âm *ʔam
night hatòm *hatəːm
male (otāˑha) *koːɲ
ear nâng *naŋ
one heg *hiaŋ
belly wīˑang *ʔac
sun hēg -
sweet shai(t) -

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