Mayah, Tanɨm
Native toMalaysia
RegionLipis District, Pahang
Native speakers
400 (2020)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3mzt

Mintil (alternatively Batek Tanum, Tanɨm, or Mayah) is an Aslian language of Malaysia. It is considered to be a variety of the Batek language.


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In the late 1960s, Geoffrey Benjamin had come across speakers of Mintil among patients of an Orang Asli hospital at Ulu Gombak, just outside Kuala Lumpur.[2]

Names and villages

The people are commonly referred to as Batek. There are 400 speakers of Mintil in Lipis District, Pahang who call themselves Batɛik ‘in-group people’, Batɛik Tɔm Tanɨm ‘people of the Tanum River’, and Batɛik Mayah [ba'tɛik may'ãh]. Their villages are:[1]

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