Native toMalaysia
Native speakers
90,000 (2007–2009)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Variously:
kqr – Kimaragang (Marigang, Sonsogon)
tgb – Tobilung (Tebilung)
drg – Rungus (Momogun)
kzs – Sugut Dusun (?)
mqq – Minokok (?)
Glottologkima1244  Kimaragang
tobi1239  Tobilung
rung1259  Rungus

Kimaragang (Marigang), Tobilung, and Rungus are varieties of a single Austronesian language of Sabah, Malaysia. The three varieties share moderate mutual intelligibility. Children are not learning it well in some areas.[1]

Minokok is an endonym of the Sugut Dusun. Their language may be a dialect of Rungus. Their number are not included in the population estimate at right.


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