Inagta Partido
Isarog Agta
Native toPhilippines
Ethnicity1,000 (1984)[1]
Native speakers
5 at most (2000)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3agk
ELPIsarog Agta

Inagta Partido (Isarog Agta) is a nearly extinct Bikol language spoken by a semi-nomadic hunter-gatherer Agta (Negrito) people of the Philippines. It is found on Mount Isarog east of Naga City.

According to Lobel (2013),[2] there are no speakers of Inagta Partido under 60. It is a moribund language. The Ethnologue cites a report from 2000 that there were then only five speakers from an ethnic population of about 1,000.[3]

Inagta Partido has borrowed heavily from Bikol languages such as Bikol Naga and Bikol Partido, but has a non-Bikol substratum.[4]


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