RegionMarkham Valley, New Guinea
Ethnicity1,200 (2008?)[1]
Native speakers
500 (2008)[2]
Language codes
ISO 639-3ylu
Coordinates: 6°35′43″S 146°52′26″E / 6.595186°S 146.873813°E / -6.595186; 146.873813 (Yalu)

Aribwaung (Aribwaungg), also known as Yalu (Jaloc), is an Austronesian language of Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. It is spoken in the single village of Yalu (6°35′43″S 146°52′26″E / 6.595186°S 146.873813°E / -6.595186; 146.873813 (Yalu)) in Wampar Rural LLG.[3]


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