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Native speakers
(14,000 cited 1980)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3srg

Sulod is a Central Philippine language of Panay in the Philippines. It is closely related to the Karay-a language and is locally known to its speakers as Ligbok.

Sulod is spoken in the clustered sitios of Buri, Maranat, Siya, and Takayan along the banks of the Panay River, between Mt. Kudkuran and Mt. Baloy in central Panay.[2]

Below are verses from the first two stanzas of the second part of "Sugidanun I" (First Narration) of the Sulodnon epic Hinilawod chanted by Hugan-an and recorded by Dr. F. Landa Jocano. The epic is in the original Sulodnon language.

"Sugidanun I": Pangayaw – 2. Himos[3]
Original Sulod text English translation by F. Landa Jocano
Yabon-yabon pay tun-og
Alimbu pa duyamig
Nagparibung domdom
Hangop abi sa domdom.
Ni Buyong Humadapnon:
"Ti, Taghuy, ku magsalakay
Abi ako magmamkaw
Ku magliali ako sa lawdon
Maglibot sa layagon
Bungayong ako sa sarakyan
Waay ako't panimbang,
Waay it panibin-sibin."
Mahinay tumindug
Mahinay tumimbayug
'I ginuong harangdon.
Kambay dato agtunan
Lubayon kamasuswon
Uwa si Labing Anyag
Sanglit may babaylan
Sanglit hay singday.
The dew was still fresh
The morning breeze was cold
There he sat wondering
Till an idea came to his mind.
Said Buying Humadapnon:
"Well, Taghuy, were I to travel
Supposing I do embark
If I scour and cross the seas
Travel around, spread my sails
I would be alone in my vessel
I have no assistant
I have no companion."
And slowly he stood
Meditating he took to his feet
The respected master.
He went and approached
His younger sister
Uwa Labing Anyag
Because she was a babaylan.
And skilled in charms.


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