Malayic Dayak
western Borneo
Linguistic classificationAustronesian
Glottologiban1263  (Ibanic)

The Ibanic languages are a branch of the Malayic languages indigenous to western Borneo. They are spoken by the Ibans and related groups in East Malaysia and the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan. Other Dayak languages, called Land Dayak, which are not Ibanic, are found in the northwest corner of Kalimantan, between Ibanic and non-Ibanic Malayic languages such as Kendayan and the Malay dialects of Sarawak and Pontianak.

The term Ibanic is coined by Alfred B. Hudson, who was among the first to investigate the genetic affiliation of various languages lumped together under the name Dayak in West Borneo.[1] Ibanic has been variously classified as belonging to a larger "Malayic Dayak"[1] or "West Bornean Malayic"[2] subgroup along with Kendayan and related varieties, or as a part of the "Nuclear Malayic" subgroup alongside other Malay dialects.[3]


According to Ethnologue, four languages belong to the Ibanic subgroup: Iban, Remun (or Milikin), Mualang and Seberuang.[4]

West Kalimantan groups

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List of Ibanic-speaking Dayak ethnic subgroups and their respective languages in West Kalimantan province, Indonesia:[5][6]

Group Subgroup Language Regency
Bugau Benadai Sekadau, Sintang
Desa [dəsa] Desa Sekadau, Sintang
Ensilat Ensilat Kapuas Hulu
Iban Iban (Benaday) Kapuas Hulu, Sanggau
Inggar Silat Inggar Silat Sintang
Kantu' Kantu' Kapuas Hulu
Ketungau Ketungau Air Tabun Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Banjur Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Begelang Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Demam Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Embarak Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Kumpang Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Mandau Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Merakai Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Sebaru' Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Sekalau Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Sekapat Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Ketungau Senangan Benadai Sintang
Ketungau Sesae' Ketungau Sesae' Sekadau
Mualang Mualang Sekadau, Sintang
Rembay Rembay Kapuas Hulu
Sebaru' Sebaru' Kapuas Hulu
Seberuang Seberuang Kapuas Hulu, Sintang
Sekapat Sekapat Kapuas Hulu
Sekujam Sekujam Sekadau, Sintang


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