2022 Tallahassee mayoral election
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← 2018 August 23, 2022 (first round)
November 8, 2022 (second round)
2026 →
Turnout30.04% Decrease 2.72 pp (first round)
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Candidate John Dailey Kristin Dozier Michael Ibrahim
First round 17,449
Runoff 34,101

Mayor before election

John Dailey

Elected Mayor

John Dailey

The 2022 Tallahassee mayoral election is scheduled to be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, to elect the Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida in the United States. The vote is held subsequently along with the other statewide elections.

As of April 2022, four candidates had filed to run for the mayoral seat including. The candidates were Kristin Dozier, Leon County Commissioner, incumbent Tallahassee mayor John E. Dailey seeking a second term, Whitfield Leland III and Michael Ibrahim.

A first-round primary took place on August 23, 2022, where no candidate received the majority of the vote thus sparking a second-round runoff between Dailey and Dozier whom both garnered most of votes in the August primary to become the main frontrunners in the runoff vote.[1]

Dailey won re-election for a second term.[2]


Following the 2018 mayoral elections, Leon County Commissioner John E. Dailey was elected for the City Commission Seat 4, Mayor post.

Electoral system

All Tallahassee city commissioners, which include the Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida at Seat 4 are elected non-partisan for a four-year term through two-round system. If a candidate winning the most votes at the first round fails to garner enough to have a majority of 50% of the vote share, then a runoff election is held between two candidates whom earned the most votes out of all other contestants in the first-round primary.[3]


In order to appear on the ballot, candidates are required to file needed papers to the Leon County Supervisor of Elections with a contribution fee of $1,000 per Florida Statute or collect enough petition signatures (1% of registered constituent electorate) as an alternative with a noon May 16, 2022 deadline. Qualifying process takes place at the Supervisor of Elections Office between noon June 13 and June 17, 2022.[3]


Candidate Announced
John E. Dailey.jpg

John E. Dailey
Incumbent Mayor of Tallahassee since 2018
Leon County Board of Commissioners, District 3 (2006–2018)
March 1, 2021

Kristin Dozier
Leon County Board of Commissioners, District 5 (2010–present) March 3, 2022
Blank portrait, male (rectangular).png

Whitfield Leland III
Owner of The Community Roundtable of Tallahassee 850 (2020–present)
February 22, 2021
Blank portrait, male (rectangular).png

Michael Ibrahim
Owner of Tallahassee Tireport, Inc (2015–present)
Police Officer and Detective in the Ministry of Interior
under the Egyptian National Police (1981–2006)
April 4, 2022 [7]


John Dailey[8]
  • Big Bend Police Benevolent Association[9]
  • Grow Tallahassee
Kristin Dozer[8]
  • Tallahassee Professional Firefighters
  • Big Bend Chapter AFL CIO
  • Climate Cabinet Action[10]
  • Florida Rising
  • The Florida Squeeze
  • Democratic Environmental Caucus of Leon County


Poll source Date(s)
John E.
Leland III
Network of Entrepreneurs & Business Advocates May 24, 2022 170 65.5% 21% 13% 1%


First round

2022 Tallahassee mayoral primary election[11]
Candidate Votes %
Kristin Dozier 17,602 46.08
John E. Dailey 17,449 45.68
Whitfield Leland III 2,007 5.25
Michael Ibrahim 1,138 2.98
Total votes 38,196 100.00
Voter turnout 30.04%


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