NamesEOS-02 / Microsat-2A
Mission typeEarth observation
Mission duration55 minutes
Orbits completed<1
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass135 kg
Start of mission
Launch date03:48 UTC, 7 August 2022
RocketSmall Satellite Launch Vehicle
Launch siteSatish Dhawan Space Centre, First launch Pad (FLP)
End of mission
Decay date7 August 2022 04:43 UTC
Orbital parameters
RegimeLow Earth (intended)
Transatmospheric (achieved)
Periapsis altitude76 km (47 mi)
Apoapsis altitude356 (221 mi)

EOS-02 (formerly known as Microsat-2A) was an Indian Earth observation microsatellite developed by the Indian Space Research Organisation as a test payload on the maiden launch of the Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV).[1] EOS-02 was based on Microsat-TD. The objective behind EOS-02 was to realize and fly an experimental imaging satellite with short turnaround time to showcase launch on demand capability.[2]

It was intended to be used for cartographic applications at a cadastral level, urban and rural management, coastal land use and regulation, utilities mapping, development and various other GIS applications. The satellite carried two payloads: a mid-wavelength and a long-wavelength infared camera with a 6m resolution.[3]


EOS-02 was launched on Small Satellite Launch Vehicle's maiden flight SSLV-D1 at 03:48 UTC / 09:18 IST on 7 August 2022,[4][5] but due to the final VTM stage failure, the rocket entered a transatmospheric orbit of 356 km x 76 km (221 mi x 47 mi) instead of the planned circular 356 km (221 mi) circular orbit. As a result, both satellites onboard (EOS-02 and AzaadiSAT) were destroyed during reentry.[6]


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