Fergana Kipchak
Färğona tili/Фәрғона тили
RegionCentral Asia (Fergana Valley)
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)

Fergana Kipchak, also Kipchak Uzbek, is an extinct Kipchak Turkic language of the Kipchak-Nogai branch formerly spoken in the Fergana Valley of Central Asia.[1] In some districts of the Fergana Region, linguistic features of Fergana Kipchak are seen, especially in phonetics.[citation needed] These districts are Bagʻdod, Buvayda, Uchkoʻprik and parts of neighboring districts. Many idioms spoken in Uzbekistan that are now considered part of the Kyrgyz language are actually Fergana Kipchak.[citation needed] According to the E. D. Polivanov, the Fergana Kipchak language existed as a separate idiom as late as in the 1920s.[1] According to A. N. Samoilovich, some descendants of Fergana Kipchak-speakers identify as a separate people from the Uzbeks, Kazakhs or Kyrgyz, although closely related to the latter.[citation needed] Some dialects of Fergana Kipchak seem closely related to the Kipchak–Nogay languages.[citation needed]

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