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The following is a list of Mac software – notable computer applications for current macOS operating systems.

For software designed for the Classic Mac OS, see List of old Macintosh software.

Audio software

Digital audio workstations

Further information: Digital audio workstation

Audio editing


Notation software

Further information: Scorewriter

Misc audio tools

Discontinued audio apps

Chat (text, voice, image, video)


Adium on Mac OS X


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Children's software

Developer tools and IDEs

See also: Apple Developer Tools


Email clients

Other email software

FTP clients


Main article: List of Macintosh games

Graphics, layout, desktop publishing

CAD, 3D graphics

Distributed document authoring

Icon editors, viewers

File conversion and management



Layout and desktop publishing



Raster and vector graphics

This section lists bitmap graphics editors and vector graphics editors.



Integrated software technologies

Main article: List of macOS components

Language and reference tools

Mathematics software

Media center

Multimedia authoring

Networking and telecommunications

News aggregators

Main article: News aggregator

Office and productivity

Operating systems

Main article: Macintosh operating systems

Outliners and mind-mapping

Peer-to-peer file sharing


Text editors


Anti-malware software

macOS includes the built-in XProtect antimalware as part of GateKeeper. The software listed in this section is antivirus software and malware removal software.

Archiving, backup, restore, recovery

This section lists software for file archiving, backup and restore, data compression and data recovery.

Discontinued archiving apps

Disc burning apps

Discontinued disc burning apps


Virtualization, emulation, dual-booting

Web browsers

Web design and content management

Weblog clients

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