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Prime Minister of the State of Palestine
رئيس وزراء دولة فلسطين
Coat of arms of Palestine
Mohammad Mustafa
since 31 March 2024
Palestinian government
StyleHis Excellency
AppointerThe President
Term length4 years
PrecursorPrime Minister of the PNA
Formation6 January 2013
First holderSalam Fayyad
Salary48,000 USD annually[1]

The prime minister of the State of Palestine is the head of government of the State of Palestine. The post has been in existence since January 2013, when the Palestinian National Authority was officially renamed[2] into the State of Palestine and replaced the previous position of the prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority.[citation needed]


The prime minister is appointed by the president of the State of Palestine.

List of prime ministers (2013–present)

Overview of Prime Ministers of the State of Palestine
No. Portrait Name
Term Political party
Took office Left office Duration
Salam Fayyad
Salam Fayyad
(born 1951)
6 January 20136 June 2013151 daysThird Way
Rami Hamdallah[3][4][5]
Rami Hamdallah[3][4][5]
(born 1958)
6 June 201314 April 2019[a]5 years, 312 daysIndependent
Mohammad Shtayyeh[6]
Mohammad Shtayyeh[6]
(born 1959)
14 April 201931 March 20244 years, 352 daysFatah
Mohammad Mustafa
Mohammad Mustafa
(born 1954)
31 March 2024present2 daysIndependent

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