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The Qassab (Urdu: قصاب; from the Arabic: قصاب, romanizedqaṣāb, meaning butcher), are members of a north Indian community or biradari. Qassab who are engaged in meat cutting and selling business are referred to as Qureshi.[citation needed]

History and origin

For their participation in Indian Rebellion of 1857, fine Rs. 63,000 was imposed on the people of Rohtak who were mostly Ranghars, Shaikhs and Muslim Qassab.[1]

The All India Jamiatul Quresh

Like many Muslim communities in India, the Qassab have set up the All India Jamiatil Quresh, which was established in Meerut in 1927 for male members of the community with each state having its own chapter. Its headquarters are in Kothi Khan Bahadur, Meerut Uttar Pradesh. As a caste association, the Jamait campaigns on behalf of the community as well as acting as a welfare organization, and running schools and hospitals.[2]

Notable People of the Qureshi or Qassab Community


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