Kodava Maaple
Regions with significant populations
Kodagu (Coorg)
Kodava takk, Malayalam
Related ethnic groups
Kodavas, Amma Kodava, Kodagu Heggade, Kodagu Gowda, Beary, Mappila

The Kodava Maaple, also known as Jamma Maaple, is a Muslim community residing in Kodagu district of Karnataka in southern India. They are Sunnis of the Shafi'i madhab, and contract marriage alliances with Mappilas and Bearys. They speak Malayalam, although now they do follow some Mappila and Beary customs also.[citation needed]


The Madikeri the capital taluk of Kodagu had been renamed to Zafarabad by the Sultan in the meanwhile.[1] The Muslim descendants of the Kodavas who converted into Islam, after Tipu Sultan's army on various forays into Coorg are called Kodava Mappila.[2]


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