The Multani Lohar are the Muslim Blacksmith and carpenter community found in the state of Gujarat and western Uttar Pradesh Delhi, Rajasthan madhya pradesh in India.

Some of them are also found in state of Rajasthan , They converted to Islam from Rajput community and some from Brahmin community Due to influence of Sufi Islam in India in 11th century By creating egalitarian communities within stratified caste systems, Sufis successfully spread their teachings of love, spirituality, and harmony. It was this example of Sufi brotherhood and equity that drew people to the religion of Islam , They also play role as Rajput fighters from Side of Rajputana against Mughal Army from Amar Singh Rathore Ruler of Marwar Rajasthan They bought from ruler of Jodhpur To Nagaur for contribution in Army Equipments like Cannonballs, Swords , Armors etc. They also play significance role in Freedom fight or revolution of 1857, Seven Lohars faught with Britishers and received martyrdom while fighting with them They also stands with Khilafat Movement , Civil Disobedience Movement, Satyagraha In revolution of 1942 Quit India Movement: freedom movements of Mahatma Gandhi Present They are found Majorly in 3 states and Minorly in 7 states in India Some of them are still blacksmith but some of them moved on to the next generation for new opportunities Some surnames like Ahmed ,Ali, Beg, Baig , Mohammed ,Mirza ,Meer, Nagauri etc. are used by them