Nagaland Legislative Assembly
14th Nagaland Assembly
Term limits
5 years
Deputy Speaker
Leader of the House
(Chief Minister)
Deputy Leader of the House
(Deputy Chief Minister)
Nagaland Legislative Assembly 2023.svg
Political groups
Government (37) [3][4][5]
  •   NDPP (25)
  •   BJP (12)

Confidence and supply (23)[6]

First past the post
Last election
27 February 2023
Next election
February 2028
Meeting place
Nagaland Legislative Assembly, Kohima
Nagaland Legislative Assembly

The Nagaland Legislative Assembly is the unicameral legislature of the Indian state of Nagaland. Nagaland became a state of India on 1 December 1963 and after election in January 1964, the first Nagaland Legislative Assembly was formed on 11 February 1964.[10] In 1974, the strength of the Nagaland Legislative Assembly was increased to the present strength of 60 members.[11]

There is no nominated member in the House, all the members are elected on the basis of adult franchise from single-seat constituencies. The normal tenure of the House is five years unless dissolved sooner. The seat of the Legislative Assembly is Kohima, the capital of Nagaland.

Members of Legislative Assembly

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No. Constituency Name Party Alliance Remarks
Dimapur District
1 Dimapur I H. Tovihoto Ayemi BJP NEDA
2 Dimapur II (ST) Moatoshi Longkümer NDPP
Chümoukedima District
3 Dimapur III (ST) Hekani Jakhalu Kense NDPP NEDA
Chümoukedima District and Niuland district
4 Ghaspani I (ST) Jacob Zhimomi BJP NEDA Cabinet minister
Chümoukedima District
5 Ghaspani II (ST) Zhaleo Rio NDPP NEDA
Peren District
6 Tening (ST) Namri Nchang NCP NEDA
7 Peren (ST) T. R. Zeliang NDPP Deputy chief minister
Kohima District
8 Western Angami (ST) Salhoutuonuo Kruse NDPP NEDA Cabinet minister
9 Kohima Town (ST) Tseilhoutuo Rhütso NPP
10 Northern Angami I (ST) Kekhrielhoulie Yhome NDPP
11 Northern Angami II (ST) Neiphiu Rio NDPP Chief Minister
Tseminyü District
12 Tseminyü (ST) Jwenga Seb Independent NEDA JD(U) Nagaland unit disbanded[12]
Zünheboto District
13 Pughoboto (ST) Sukhato A. Sema LJP(RV) NEDA
Kohima District
14 Southern Angami I (ST) Kevipodi Sophie Independent None
15 Southern Angami II (ST) Kropol Vitsü BJP NEDA
Phek District
16 Pfütsero (ST) Neisatuo Mero Independent None
17 Chizami (ST) K. G. Kenye NDPP NEDA Cabinet minister
18 Chozuba (ST) Küdecho Khamo NDPP
19 Phek (ST) Küzholuzo Nienü NPF NEDA
20 Meluri (ST) Z. Nyusietho Nyuthe NDPP NEDA
Mokokchung District
21 Tuli (ST) A. Pangjung Jamir BJP NEDA
22 Arkakong (ST) Nuklutoshi Longkümer NPP
23 Impur (ST) T. N. Mannen NDPP
24 Angetyongpang (ST) Tongpang Ozüküm NDPP
25 Mongoya (ST) Imkongmar NDPP
26 Aonglenden (ST) Sharingain Longkümer NDPP
27 Mokokchung Town (ST) Metsübo Jamir NDPP Cabinet minister
28 Koridang (ST) Imkong L. Imchen BJP
29 Jangpetkong (ST) Temjenmenba NDPP
30 Alongtaki (ST) Temjen Imna Along BJP Cabinet minister
Zünheboto District
31 Akuluto (ST) Kazheto Kinimi BJP NEDA
32 Atoizü (ST) Picto Shohe NCP
33 Suruhoto (ST) S. Toiho Yeptho NCP
34 Aghunato (ST) G. Ikuto Zhimomi NDPP
35 Zünheboto (ST) K. Tokugha Sukhalu NDPP
36 Satakha (ST) G. Kaito Aye NDPP Cabinet minister
Wokha District
37 Tyüi (ST) Yanthungo Patton BJP NEDA Deputy Chief Minister
38 Wokha (ST) Y. Mhonbemo Hümtsoe NCP
39 Sanis (ST) Mhathung Yanthan NDPP
40 Bhandari (ST) Achumbemo Kikon NPF
Mon District
41 Tizit (ST) P. Paiwang Konyak BJP NEDA Cabinet minister
42 Wakching (ST) W. Chingang Konyak NDPP
43 Tapi (ST) Noke Wangnao NDPP
44 Phomching (ST) K. Kongnam Konyak BJP
45 Tehok (ST) C. L. John NDPP Cabinet minister
46 Mon Town (ST) Y. Mankhao Konyak NCP
47 Aboi (ST) C. Manpon Konyak Independent None
48 Moka (ST) A. Nyamnei Konyak NPP NEDA
Longleng District
49 Tamlu (ST) B. Bangtick Phom Independent None
50 Longleng (ST) A. Pongshi Phom NCP NEDA
Tuensang District
51 Noksen (ST) L. Lima Onen Chan RPI(A) NEDA
52 Longkhim Chare (ST) Sethrongkyu BJP
53 Tuensang Sadar I (ST) P. Bashangmongba Chang BJP Cabinet minister
54 Tuensang Sadar II (ST) Imtichoba RPI(A)
Mon District
55 Tobu (ST) Naiba Konyak LJP(RV) NEDA
Noklak District
56 Noklak (ST) P. Longon NCP NEDA
57 Thonoknyu (ST) Benei M. Lamthiu NPP
Shamator District
58 Shamator–Chessore (ST) Keoshu Yimchunger NDPP NEDA
Kiphire District
59 Seyochung–Sitimi (ST) C. Kipili Sangtam NPP NEDA
60 Pungro–Kiphire (ST) S. Kiusumew Yimchunger NDPP

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