Mizoram Legislative Assembly
8th Mizoram Assembly
Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
5 years
Lalrinliana Sailo, MNF
since 2018
Deputy Speaker
H Biakzauva, MNF[1]
since 2018
Leader of the House
(Chief Minister)
Zoramthanga, MNF
since 2018
Leader of the Opposition
Political groups
Government (27)
  •   MNF (27)

Opposition (13)

First past the post
Last election
28 November 2018
Next election
November 2023
Meeting place
Mizoram Assembly House.jpg
Legislative Assembly House,
Aizawl, Mizoram, India – 796001

The Mizoram Legislative Assembly is the unicameral state legislature of Mizoram in India. The seat of the Legislative Assembly is at Aizawl, the capital of the state. The Legislative Assembly is composed of 40 members, who are directly elected from single-seat constituencies.[3] The current legislature was elected in 2018, and its term will last until 2023.

List of assemblies

Assembly Tenure Party Chief Minister
1st 1987–1989 Independent/MNF 24 seats Laldenga
2nd 1989–1993 Indian National Congress 23 seats Lal Thanhawla
3rd 1993–1998 Indian National Congress INC 16 seats; MNF 14 seats; IND 10 seats Lal Thanhawla
4th 1998–2003 Mizo National Front 21 seats Zoramthanga
5th 2003–2008 Mizo National Front 21 seats Zoramthanga
6th 2008–2013 Indian National Congress 32 seats Lal Thanhawla
7th 2013–2018 Indian National Congress 34 seats Lal Thanhawla
8th 2018 – Present Mizo National Front 28 seats Zoramthanga

List of speakers

Sl No Name From To
1 Pu H.Thansanga 10.05.1972 17.10.1975
2 Pu Vaivenga 07.11.1975 20.06.1978
3 Pu Thingridema 21.06.1978 24.05.1979
4 Dr Kenneth Chawngliana 25.05.1979 08.05.1984
5 Dr.H.Thansanga 09.05.1984 09.03.1987
6 Pu J.Thanghuama 10.03.1987 29.01.1989
7 Pu Hiphei 30.01.1989 14.07.1990
8 Pu Rokamlova 17.07.1990 09.12.1993
9 Pu Vaivenga 10.12.1993 07.12.1998
10 Pu R.Lalawia 08.12.1998 03.12.2003
11 Lalchamliana 15.12.2003 10.12.2008
12 R.Romawia 16.12.2013 15.12.2013
13 Hiphei 16-12-2013 05-11-2018
14 Lalrinliana Sailo 18-12-2018

Members of Legislative Assembly

No. Constituency Name[4] Party Remarks
Mamit District
1 Hachhek Lalrindika Ralte Indian National Congress
2 Dampa Lalrintluanga Sailo Mizo National Front
3 Mamit H Lalzirliana Mizo National Front
Kolasib District
4 Tuirial K Laldawngliana Mizo National Front Won in 2021 bypoll necessitated after the death of Andrew H. Thangliana
5 Kolasib K Lalrinliana Mizo National Front
6 Serlui Lalrinsanga Ralte Mizo National Front
Aizwal District
7 Tuivawl Lalchhandama Ralte Mizo National Front
8 Chalfilh Lalrinliana Sailo Mizo National Front Speaker of the Mizoram Legislative Assembly
9 Tawi R Lalzirliana Mizo National Front
10 Aizawl North 1 Vanlalhlana Zoram People's Movement
11 Aizawl North 2 Dr Vanlalthlana Zoram People's Movement
12 Aizawl North 3 C Lalmuanpuia Mizo National Front
13 Aizawl East 1 Zoramthanga Mizo National Front Chief Minister
14 Aizawl East 2 Robert Romawia Royte Mizo National Front
15 Aizawl West 1 Zothantluanga Mizo National Front Won in 2019 bypoll necessitated after resignation by Lalduhoma
16 Aizawl West 2 Lalruatkima Mizo National Front
17 Aizawl West 3 Vl Zaithanzama Zoram People's Movement
18 Aizawl South 1 C Lalsawivunga Zoram People's Movement
19 Aizawl South 2 Lalchhuanthanga Zoram People's Movement
20 Aizawl South 3 F Lalnunmawia Mizo National Front
Champhai District
21 Lengteng Lthangmawia Mizo National Front
22 Tuichang Tawnluia Mizo National Front Deputy Chief Minister
23 Champhai North Dr Zrthiamsanga Mizo National Front
24 Champhai South Tj Lalnuntluanga Mizo National Front
25 East Tuipui Ramthanmawia Mizo National Front
Serchhip District
26 Serchhip Lalduhoma Zoram People's Movement Won in 2021 bypoll necessitated after he was disqualified for violating the anti-defection law. Leader of the Opposition
27 Tuikum Er Lalrinawma Mizo National Front
28 Hrangturzo Lalchamliana Mizo National Front
Lunglei District
29 South Tuipui Dr R. Lalthangliana Mizo National Front
30 Lunglei North Vanlaltanpuia Mizo National Front
31 Lunglei East Lawmawma Tochhawng Mizo National Front
32 Lunglei West C Lalrinsanga Mizo National Front
33 Lunglei South K Pachhunga Mizo National Front
34 Thorang Zodintluanga Ralte Indian National Congress Leader of the Congress Legislature Party (CLP)
35 West Tuipui Nihar Kanti Chakma Indian National Congress
Lawngtlai District
36 Tuichawng Buddha Dhan Chakma Bharatiya Janata Party
37 Lawngtlai West C Ngunlianchunga Indian National Congress
38 Lawngtlai East H Biakzauva Mizo National Front Deputy speaker
Saiha District
39 Saiha Dr K Beichhua Independent politician Expelled from MNF[5]
40 Palak Kt Rokhaw Indian National Congress

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