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Societatea Română de Radiodifuziune
TypeRadio network
AvailabilityNational & international (through Radio Romania International)
OwnerRomanian Government
Key people
Răzvan-Ioan Dincă
Launch date
1 November 1928; 95 years ago (1928-11-01)
Former names
Societatea de Difuziune Radiotelefonică (1928–1936)
Official website

The Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company (Romanian: Societatea Română de Radiodifuziune), informally referred to as Radio Romania (Romanian: Radio România), is the public radio broadcaster in Romania. It operates FM and AM, and internet national and local radio channels. The local stations are branded under the Radio România Regional umbrella.

Radio Romania International is the company's international radio station, broadcasting on three channels in Romanian, English, French, Aromanian, Spanish, German, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Arabic.[1]


The company operates radio stations as well as broadcasting related entities, listed below.

National stations

FM and AM, internet, and T-DAB radio stations:

Regional stations

Other services


News Agency

Concerts and events


Before 1928, there was a pro-radio movement, led by professor Dragomir Hurmuzescu, who, in March 1925, funded "The Friends of Radio Association".

The first experimental transmission was broadcast in summer 1925, during "Bucharest's month". Periodic broadcasts were made during 1926 and 1927 by "The Friends of Radio Association" and the University Electrotechnical Institute. In 1927 a short wave emitter was installed and were made the first transatlantic experimental broadcasts. "The gramophone recording broadcast through electromagnetic cartridge has been clearly heard in Boston, United States". In March 1928 the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company was legally founded.

In the 1930s, engineer Constantin Zablovschi achieved a remarkable feat in the field of telecommunications by establishing a transatlantic radio link between Bucharest and New York.[26]

The first radio transmission was broadcast on November 1, 1928, 5:00 PM. The first official radio show was inaugurated by the Romanian physicist and professor Dragomir Hurmuzescu, who became the president of the Administration Council of The Radiotelephonic Broadcasting Company.

On December 18, 1928, the first comic radio show was broadcast.

In 1929, the following shows were broadcast:


The number of broadcasting hours increases consistently, reaching 3,517 hours in 1934.


Radio Basarabia in 1940


The political events after the end of World War II affected the institution.




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