Yining County
Yining County (red) within Ili Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang
Yining County (red) within Ili Prefecture (yellow) and Xinjiang
Coordinates: 43°58′38″N 81°31′39″E / 43.9771°N 81.5274°E / 43.9771; 81.5274Coordinates: 43°58′38″N 81°31′39″E / 43.9771°N 81.5274°E / 43.9771; 81.5274
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Autonomous regionXinjiang
Autonomous prefectureIli
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Yining County
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese伊宁县
Traditional Chinese伊寧縣
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese固勒扎县
Traditional Chinese固勒扎縣
Uyghur name
Uyghurغۇلجا ناھىيىسى

Yining County (Chinese: 伊宁县) as the official romanized name, also transliterated from Uyghur as Gulja County (Uighur: غۇلجا ناھىيىسى; Chinese: 固勒扎县), is a county within the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of China. The county seat is in the town of Jélilyüzi (Uighur: جېلىل يۈزى; 吉里于孜; Jílǐyúzī).

Yining County does not include the adjacent city of Yining, which is a county-level administrative unit in its own right.

The county land area is 4486 km², with the population of 360,000 people as of 2004.[1]

A larger area (around 4580 km²) and population (400,000) was reported for the county 2000; this decrease and the corresponding increase of area and population for the City of Yining resulted from the transfer of the villages of Dadamtu (Uighur: دادامتۇ, Дадамту; 达达木图; Dádámùtú) and Penjim (Uighur: پەنجىم, Пәнҗим; 潘津; Pānjīn), with 100.45 km2 (38.78 sq mi) of land, from the County to the City in 2004.

Administrative divisions

N Uyghur Name Uyghur latin alphabet Name English name Chinese name Number of communities Population (thousand) Land area (km2)
1 جېلىليۈزى بازىرى Jélilyüzi Baziri Jelilyuzi Town 吉里于孜镇 11 37.2 27.27
2 خۇدىياريۈزى بازىرى Xudiyaryüzi Baziri Xudiyaryuzi Town 胡地亚于孜镇 10 18.5 55.97
3 دۆڭمازار بازىرى Döngmazar Baziri Dongmazar Town 墩麻扎镇 4 15 27.5
4 ئارائۆستەڭ بازىرى Araösteng Baziri Araosteng Town 阿热吾斯塘镇 12 20 87.15
5 يېڭىتام بازىرى Yéngitam Baziri Yengitam Town 英塔木镇 9 24.7 122
6 بايتوقاي بازىرى Baytoqay Baziri Baytoqay Town 巴依托海镇 12 19.2 141.34


غۇلجا ناھىيىسى قارمىقىدا 12 دانە يېزا بار بولۇپ، ئۇلار تۆۋەندىكىچە:

N Uyghur Name Uyghur latin alphabet Name English name Chinese name Number of communities Population (thousand) Land area (km2)
1 تۇرپانيۈزى يېزىسى Turpanyüzi Yézisi Turpanyuzi Township 吐鲁番于孜乡 4 13.5 68.3
2 قاراياغاچ يېزىسى Qarayaghach Yézisi Qarayaghach Township 喀拉亚尕奇乡 6 11.7 468.64
3 موللاتوختايۈزى يېزىسى Mollatoxtayüzi Yézisi Mollatoxtayuzi Township 莫洛托乎提于孜乡 4 8.1 25.5
4 سادىقيۈزى يېزىسى Sadiqyüzi Yézisi Sadiqyuzi Township 萨地克于孜乡 2 5.2 13.09
5 ئۈچئون خۇيزۇ يېزىسى Üchon Xuyzu Yézisi Uchon Hui Township 愉群翁回族乡 15 46.7 155.2
6 چۇلۇقاي يېزىسى Chuluqay Yézisi Chuluqay Township 曲鲁海乡 6 10.4 93.36
7 ئەۋلىيا يېزىسى Ewliya Yézisi Ewliya Township 阿乌利亚乡 5 15.4 498.83
8 ئونيار يېزىسى Onyar Yézisi Onyar Township 温亚尔乡 7 13 143.79
9 مازار يېزىسى Mazar Yézisi Mazar Township 麻扎乡 6 13.7 197.17
10 ئۇيغۇر ئۈچئون يېزىسى Uyghur Üchon Yézisi Uyghur Uchon Township 维吾尔玉其温乡 7 13.2 731
11 سامىيۈزى يېزىسى Samyüzi Yézisi Samyuzi Township 萨木于孜乡 8 15.7 126.5
12 قاش يېزىسى Qash Yézisi Qash Township 喀什乡 8 24.3 365.32


The territories were inhabited by turkik tribes from early history. The name Kuldga was first mentioned at the period of Turkik Khanate. When the Uyghur tribes, led by Pen Tekin, left to the west, part of the Yaglakar tribe, which was part of the Uyghur tribal union, left with them.

Chagatai Khan, the son of Genghis Khan, placed the capital of his possessions here. These lands were ruled by the Dzungar until they were conquered in the middle of the 18th century by the Qing during the so-called third Oirat-Manchu war.[6] For a long time, Gulja was the de facto administrative and military capital of Qing Xinjiang (literally “New Frontiers”). The county was created in 1888 and was originally known as Ningyuan (宁远; Níngyuǎn) County. It received its present name in 1914.[7]

In 1952, the city of Yining was separated from Yining County into a separate county-level administrative unit.[8]


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