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elgooG (the word Google spelled backwards) is a mirrored website of Google Search with horizontally flipped search results, also known as a "Google mirror". It was created by All Too Flat[1] "for fun", which started to gain popularity in 2002.[2] elgooG found practical use in mainland China after the domestic banning of Google, circumventing the Great Firewall,[3] but it no longer works. A WHOIS request shows that the domain "elgoog.com" was registered to Google LLC since 2000, but it is currently for sale.[4] The site has since migrated to the domain "elgoog.im",[5] which is accessible in mainland China as of January 2024.[6]

Google Easter eggs

As of 2022 elgooG offers so-called Easter eggs which purportedly existed at some time within Google Search.[7] The manner in which elgooG came into possession of these Easter eggs is unclear, although the site claims to "restore, discover and also create interactive Google Easter eggs".[8]


Main article: List of Google April Fools' Day jokes § com.google

On April 1, 2015, Google created an official mirrored version of Google Search for April Fools' Day.[9] The site was available at com.google, and was the company's first ever use of the .google top-level domain.[10]

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