Find My Device
Initial releaseDecember 11, 2013 (2013-12-11)
Operating systemAndroid, web
TypeAsset tracking

Find My Device (also known as Find Device) is an asset tracking service provided by Google to remotely trace, locate and wipe devices that are compatible with the Find My Device network.


Find My Device locates and traces missing Android-powered smartphones, tablets, headphones/earphones, and Wear OS-powered smartwatches. Users have options to play a sound a maximum volume for 5 minutes, secure the device & force it to sign out of its associated Google Account, or erase the device entirely, including sensitive cards such as keys and IDs in Wallet.[1]

Google has announced expanded features for the service that were expected to launch in summer 2023, before being delayed awaiting a new industry specification aimed to prevent unwanted tracking.[2] A draft of this specification was released in December 2023.[3] An expanded Find My Device network is expected to crowdsource data from Android phones & tablets to assist in finding other devices on the network via Bluetooth. This will also enable offline finding, as well as support for more items being supported on the service, such as tracker tags from Tile, Chipolo, and Pebblebee. These trackers are marked as supporting Google's Find My Device network via a badge on their product marketing. [2]

"Works with Android - Find My Device" badge

Also announced was support for unknown tracker alerts on Android-powered phones and tablets. In case an unknown tracker is determined to be following a person, they will receive a notification and be able to play a sound on the detected device to help locate it.[2]

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