Google Currents
Other namesGoogle+ for G Suite
Initial release28 June 2011
PlatformAndroid, iOS, Web app
SuccessorSpaces in Google Chat
WebsiteGoogle Currents' Introduction & Features at the Wayback Machine (archived 2022-01-04)

Google Currents was a software developed by Google for internal enterprise communication.[1][2] It is one of many products that constitute the Google Workspace line of products.[3]

Google Currents was different from the also defunct Google app of the same name, which provided users with access to an electronic library of magazines from 2011 to 2013.[4][5] It was replaced by the Spaces feature in Google Chat in March 2023. Google announced shutting down for business and education on July 5, 2023.[6]

History and development

Originally called Google+ for G Suite, Currents was, up until its closure in 2023, the sole remnant of Google's defunct social network Google+, which the company shut down entirely for personal and brand use on April 2, 2019.[7][8]

In June 2020, Google Currents was in Public Beta for Google Workspace clients. A free trial could also be requested.[9][10][11]

On February 10, 2022, Google announced that it would be planning to "wind down" Google Currents and transition its users to the Spaces feature in Google Chat the next year.[12]

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