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Google Fonts
Prompt,[1] a Thai typeface from Google Fonts
TypeFont embedding service
Launch date2010 (2010)

Google Fonts (formerly known as Google Web Fonts) is a font embedding service library. This includes free and open source font families, an interactive web directory for browsing the library, and APIs for using the fonts via CSS[2] and Android.[3] Popular fonts in the Google Fonts library include Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, Oswald, Montserrat, Source Sans Pro, and Raleway.[4]


Google Fonts was launched in 2010[5] and revamped in 2011,[6] 2016,[7] and 2020.[8]

On March 3, 2020, Google updated the catalog website with support for variable fonts.[citation needed] On 2 March 2021, the Google Fonts team announced they were adding support for open source icons.[9]

As of December 2021, Google Fonts had 1,321 font families, including 197 variable font families.[10]

Fonts library

The library is maintained through Google Fonts' GitHub repository, where all font files can be obtained directly. Source files for many of the fonts are available from git repositories within the Google Fonts' GitHub organization, along with libre software tools used by the Google Fonts community.

Licences and distribution

Most of the fonts are released under the SIL Open Font License 1.1, while some are released under the Apache License;[11] both are libre licenses.

The font library is also distributed by Monotype's SkyFonts and Adobe's Edge Web Fonts and Adobe Fonts (formerly Typekit) services.

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