Google Vids
PlatformWeb application
TypeCollaborative software
Web survey

Google Vids is an AI-powered video creation app that is part of Google Workspace. It is designed to help users create informational videos for work-related purposes. The app leverages Google’s Gemini technology to enable users to create video storyboards manually or with AI assistance using simple prompts. Features include uploading media, choosing stock videos, images, background music, and a voiceover feature with script generation using AI.[1]

The app is currently in testing with select Google Workspace Labs users, and a public beta is planned during the 2024 summer.[1] Google Vids is primarily for creating work-related content like sales training, onboarding videos, vendor outreach, and project updates. It offers various styles and templates, collaborative features, and is limited to videos under three minutes without YouTube integration at the moment.

It was announced on April 9th, 2024 on the official Google Workspace YouTube channel in a 1 minute 26 second advertisement displaying the AI model. Google describes it as, "Your new AI-powered video creation app for work. Google Vids is a new app that helps you easily share ideas and create rich video content. Coming soon to Gemini for Google Workspace." [2]


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