Gopalpur Tussar Fabrics
Geographical indication
Alternative namesଗୋପାଳପୁର ଟସର ବସ୍ତ୍ର
TypeHandloom, Fabric
AreaGopalpur, Jajpur district, Odisha

Gopalpur is a village known for producing Tussar fabrics. It is in Jajpur District in the Indian state of Odisha. This handicraft received the Geographical Indication tag by the Government of India in 2009. Tussar textiles are related to dhoti, joda, Shawl stole, scarves and saris.[1]


The process starts with drafting and crafting[clarification needed]


Females usually assist in reeling the tussar threads holding 'natai'[what language is this?] in their right hand and unwinding the thread around the cocoons with their other hand. Twisting the filament, the weaver winds the yarns on the wooden 'natai' at a continuous speed. Embellishments are done by hand, either with extra weft or extra warp with a 'bandha'[what language is this?] pattern in hand. The embellishments increase the value of the fabric. Alternatively, reeling machines are available.


Traditionally, thread is wound around the chadaki[what language is this?] to fill the bobins (nali) for weft with the help of a spinning wheel (charakha). Gandhi charakha or wooden charakha have been replaced by a metal part.


Fabric is woven using a 'cut shuttle technique', in which shuttles interlock with one another to form foda kumbha in the weft direction. Shuttles on both sides interlock with the main shuttle for the main body of the fabric. By tie and die bandha technique, the foda kumbha pattern is copied for multiple productions.


Threads are dyed in different shades, such as maroon, red, plum and rust. Fabrics are designed in tussar and gheecha[what language is this?] and enhanced with a weft and cut shuttle technique.


Fabrics are mainly marketed by PWCS and SHGs[clarification needed] traders through the Boyanika (OSHWCS), Sambalpuri Bastralaya, SERIFED, Pvt. traders. Sales also take place at exhibitions and in local markets. According to a 2013-14 survey, 745 looms operate in this cluster. Around 5,000 people are dependent on this industry for income.[2]


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