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This page is a list of popes by country of origin. They are listed in chronological order within each section.

As the office of pope has existed for almost two millennia, many of the countries of origin of popes no longer exist, and so they are grouped under their modern equivalents.


There have been 266 popes:

Statistics table

Nationality Number of popes
Africa Province (Roman Empire) 3
Argentina 1
Asia Minor 2
Croatia (Kingdom of the Lombards)
England 1
Kingdom of France (medieval)
French part of Holy Roman Empire
German part of Holy Roman Empire
Modern Germany
Roman Greece
Byzantine Greece
Italian Peninsula (see table below) 217
Roman Galilee
Iudaea Province (Roman Empire)
Byzantine Palestine
Dutch part of Holy Roman Empire 1
People's Republic of Poland 1
Lusitania (Roman Empire)
Roman Syria
Byzantine Syria
Spain (Valencia in the Crown of Aragon) 2
Total 266

Popes from the Roman and Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Italy

Byzantine Sicily


Lusitania Province

Lusitania corresponds to present-day Portugal.

Roman Africa

Roman African Pope Miltiades.

These popes are from the Roman province of Africa, which corresponds to the coastal parts of Tunisia, Libya and Algeria.

Roman and Byzantine Syria

Roman Dalmatia

Dalmatia was at the time part of the Roman and Byzantine Empires. It is now part of the modern Republic of Croatia.

Roman Galilee and Iudaea Province

Roman Italy

Roman Sardinia

Popes by nationality

The concept of nationality only arose during the Middle Ages.[citation needed]




England is part of the modern United Kingdom.


French is the most common non-Italian papal ancestry. Seventeen popes have had French ancestry, all in the second half of the medieval era. The seven popes of the Avignon Papacy were French and are bolded. Since the end of the Avignon Papacy, no French person has been elected pope.

Kingdom of France (medieval)

French Pope Clement V.

Holy Roman Empire


Holy Roman Empire

Federal Republic of Germany

Italian peninsula

The Italian Peninsula, from the beginning of the Middle Ages until the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy, was divided into numerous city-states and other political entities. Among these, the Papal States was the birthplace of most of the popes. Other Italian states where more popes were born were the Republic of Venice, the Kingdom of Naples, the Republic of Genoa, the Duchy of Milan and the Florentine Republic and its successor the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Ostrogothic Kingdom

Papal States

Kingdom of Naples

Italy in the Holy Roman Empire

Republic of Genoa

Republic of Venice

Venetian Pope Clement XIII.

Republic of Florence/Duchy of Florence/Grand Duchy of Tuscany

Duchy of Milan

Other Italian States

Kingdom of Italy (modern) and Italian Republic


Holy Roman Empire





The Kingdom of Valencia was then part of the possessions of the Crown of Aragon; it is now part of modern Spain.



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