Khema Lipi
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Meitei, Lepcha, Phagspa, Marchen
ISO 15924
ISO 15924Gukh (397), ​Gurung Khema
The theorised Semitic origins of the Brahmi script are not universally agreed upon.
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The Khema script, also known as Gurung Khema, Khema Phri, Khema Lipi, is used to write the Gurung language. Khema has been proposed for Unicode encoding as of 2011[1] and in 2021.[2] The Language Commission of Nepal recognizes Khema as the official script of Gurung.[3]

Khema Lipi full chart


Devdaha Mother Tongues Academy, located in Rupandehi teaches Gurung in the Khema script.[4] Khema script is used in Sikkim to officially write Gurung language.[5]

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