7°35′44″S 111°9′29″E / 7.59556°S 111.15806°E / -7.59556; 111.15806

Main temple of Candi Ceto
A statue at the main courtyard of Candi Ceto

Ceto (Indonesian: Candi Ceto) is a fifteenth-century Javanese-Hindu temple that is located on the western slope of Mount Lawu (elev. 1495 m above sea level) on the border between Central and East Java provinces.

Cetho is one of several temples built on the northwest slopes of Mount Lawu in the fifteenth century. By this time, Javanese religion and art had diverged from Indian precepts that had been so influential on temples styles during the 8-10th century. This area was the last significant area of temple building in Java before the island's courts were converted to Islam in the 16th century. The temples' distinctiveness and the lack of records of Javanese ceremonies and beliefs of the era make it difficult for historians to interpret the significance of these antiquities.[1]

It is close to Sukuh temple.

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